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Cynthia NovakThe winds of spring blow quickly and storms may arrive with little notice. They can be blissfully cool on a hot afternoon or brutally snap trees or buildings as they spin across the plains. One thing is certain, spring offers change to us and through us. However, the big question for each of us is: Does life and opportunity happen to you or does it work through you? Sure, there are the unforeseen events like natural or man-made disasters. However, for most of us there is a level of choice. Take a deep breath, look within and ask yourself whether life happens to you or does it work through you? If you don’t have an answer, then take a personal survey today. How many times do you feel the winds of change move through you and how often do you fear it will happen to you?

This spring we have the usual potential for creation and destruction. It works through each of us when we speak or think. We have the opportunity to be generous or selfish: charitable or punitive. The most volatile period stretches between mid-April and mid-May. The eyes of the world watch as contentious names in the news swagger and dare each other. How will it unfold? I don’t know. I do know that there are planetary combinations for peace and treaties. Let’s ride the breeze of those rather than the winds of war. This is such a powerful combination of planets there could indeed be great strides made in Iraq and adjacent countries. There is hope, but we must create it.

April calls to the winds of change and says: “Bring it on! I feel lucky!” On the 8th Jupiter, the benevolent and indulgent optimist of the heavens, appears to stop, then slowly go backward until mid-August. When a planet appears to move backward in the sky, then he is as close to the Earth as he will come all year. The backward movement is an illusion created by the tilt of the Earth; the opportunity when this planet triggers your chart or your psyche is limitless. For all of us, The Jupiter station falls in a place in the heavens known for “wisdom won from betrayals.” It is time to look at your past and decide: will you hold onto the betrayal or expect something different? It’s really up to you and while this is easy to say, it’s a challenge when you have a history of disappointment. The change won’t blow through in one gust, but will gently offer your sadness a soft ride into the future. We’ve all had loss. However, when we live expecting it, then we aren’t protecting ourselves from disappointment. Rather, we are feeding it and miss the excitement of hope and the generosity that grows naturally when we sense and trust we will succeed.

April is a time when Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, slows to a halt. The cosmic accountant himself appears to stop at 24 Cancer. On the 19th he slowly begins to move forward and we see the rewards of the hard work we’ve done in the last 2 years. Saturn’s wisdom is the wisdom of time and age. This spring, Jupiter and Saturn dance together. They are in a tight mutual aspect all season and particularly strong this month because both are moving so slowly. Saturn gives tenacity and endurance; Jupiter offers us the enthusiasm to go forward. They are really working well together this spring. If you decide to be a slacker, that’s up to you, but the winds of change and opportunity are interwoven. Saturn and Jupiter working well together are analogous to the process of birth: expand and contract. Only, now we need to provide the internal push. From the 8th until the 12th of April, the Sun joins them. This is our life force and these aspects are harmonious. True, there were betrayals, but it’s time to direct your life force and tap into the cosmic flow. What will you birth?

April isn’t all ease and gentility: From the 24th through early May things tense up and heat up. Mars, the warrior, pulls into the eclipse path. The eclipse point is called Rahu, the dragon’s head. This dragon had huge jaws and is ready to gobble up his desires. This combination is great for getting what we want. However, it is not so wonderful for appreciating what we get nor having the wisdom to know beforehand if it will bring us contentment. This is a strong placement for business and capitalism: We are ready to push and risk. This should help the Market and enterprise. The dark side of this union is aggression. We’ll all feel the edge and want to push our way. Not the stuff of international conflict, but office drama and petty feuds grow with little gusts through the grapevine.

This time may be volatile on the world stage. The charts of several tempestuous world leaders are triggered at this time: The President of Iran, The leader of Hezbollah, Kim Jong II of North Korea and the United State’s own Secretary of Defense Gates and VP Cheney. Mars is good for action. Time to focus on success, liberation and treaties: They all require action and, during this time, by grace, the warring factions may turn to creative action. There is that choice at every level including our own warring thoughts. It is wise to be cautious when we travel between mid-April and mid-May. I expect news of a plot that was broken, but it’s important to be vigilant. Mars crosses the eclipse path (Rahu), then Uranus. This could herald terrorism. Expect nasty political attacks from all but the most enlightened candidates: it will bring surprises of all kinds and is most often chaotic. However, it is purely energy so the choice to look for a treaty even when there has been none is a useful action on every stage. Plus, Venus is very happy at this time and she will face Jupiter, the optimist. The combination of planets makes the time rich for the potential of indulgence, success, aggression and peace. From this list, which winds will you ride? How hard will you blow?

Mid to Late May: Time for change and excitement! Saturn slowly pulls out of aspect to Uranus, the planet of restless change. Saturn is the old guard. Uranus with Saturn is the excitement of revolution, but lacks the wisdom. Jupiter is still helping Saturn give birth to something new. As we move through May, we see what we’ve learned during the past two years and how we can make practical change in stages. This energy fuels political campaigns and donations flow all spring. By the fall we see how our creative investments in the future paid off. For now, it is important to invest and have faith that change is a part of life and structure (Saturn) is useful for change.

June is a gentle month. The planets are scattered around the heavens so there is no particularly stressful arena. The Month begins on an optimistic note and while there are trying days, there is an uplifting tune playing on the breeze. The biggest challenge is focus. So many options and only one you to choose! By late month Venus, the planet of love and money, joins Saturn, the wisdom of age and practicality. We see what and whom we love and how we “chose” even when we didn’t realize we were “choosing” them to be in our lives. We are sensitive to the values and struggles of our parents and ancestors. Mostly, I hope this time from mid-June into July blows in dynamic peace talks and strong treaties. As unlikely as it seems as I write this, I realize that the planets offer the potential of clear-thinking leaders, who want to learn from the mistakes of the past and hope that if we all hold onto the potential for selfless change, then it will be done.

How the Love Grows: With all the action in April and May, this is the strongest period for romance and passion. In June we are a little more reluctant to risk and perhaps wonder how we could have been so sure before. This, too, will pass, but June brides and grooms are a little more circumspect and uncertain. What traits do you love about each other? Make a list and look at traits like kindness, patience and peaceful demeanor. Add to it and when you feel the natural doubt of time, go over them with the person you love. Gratitude is healing, but commitment reflects the courage to take the step and the willingness to be together even when in doubt. A friend told me how he and his wife “knew” their marriage was the right choice for both of them. They prayed and fasted and waited for personal revelation. Sometimes we need to trust a power greater than ourselves and deeper than desire.

Where the Money Flows: The impulsive Mars transits in April and May are a little daring and great for spending. That could send the Market up and then down. It should keep it bouncing along, but if you are a cautious investor, pull out until June or decide to enjoy the wild ride. When Mars is that active, money goes to defense and legislators vote to spend. Lobbyists are really active, too. Financial scandals are in the news all spring, but a big one might break during the mid-April to mid-May period. Hold onto your inner peace and take the news in small doses, particularly at this time.

GWB: Saturn the slow moving planet of wisdom born of frustration prepares to leave his chart. It won’t be gone until later this year, so the spring continues to bring obstacles. He does have a very favorable Jupiter transit. This helps to keep his spirits up and the combination will both test and reinforce his faith as it compels him to look for order where there has been chaos. The spring is mixed for him, but hopeful, too.


Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at or see

About Cynthia Novak

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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