What is the Nature of Egyptian High Alchemy, And Why is it So Effective?

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by Zacciah Blackburn

Egyptian High Alchemy is a path of personal transformation and illumination, leading to ultimate enlightenment. It is a practice fueled primarily by awareness and energy gathering exercises, which allows one to become more fully awake, and eventually sustain illuminated states of consciousness. Exercises may range from simple to complex, using some of the most ancient and advanced wisdom and forms of consciousness raising exercises in existence. The Egyptian understandings of consciousness and awareness are with us today, stretching into modern culture from their influence of ancient peoples around the world.

Many scholars, for instance, are convinced the Indian system of Yoga and Kundalini are based upon the Egyptian principals of Sekhem (life force, chi, prana,) and the raising of energies, such as those known as the Alchemies of Horus. This involves advanced practices, cultivating life force within the Djed, or pranic tube and spine, and associated “serpentine” masculine and feminine energy channels, wrapped about it, to raise and join these energies for awakened states of being, high creativity, and wellness.

The Caduceus, the symbol of modern medicine is representational of these Egyptian Alchemical traditions. The two serpents of the Caduceus, wrapped around a central pillar, represents the Djed and male/female energy channels. Though attributed to Hippocrates and his medical practices in Greece, it is well known the ancient Greek disciplines of art, math, science, and health, derived the foundations of their knowledge in the even more ancient Schools of Egypt. Some of the oldest medical texts in history are attributed to ancient Egypt, giving not only understanding of the deep significance of the human energy form, and how to utilize it to heighten consciousness, but also explicit instructions for surgery in brain trauma, and other advanced medical procedures.

Alchemy, in general, is a form of transformation, of turning one form or matter into another. Western culture has focused on the Alchemists of Medieval times, in which it is said the pursuit was material based in nature, of turning iron or lead into gold. In Spiritual Alchemy, the pursuit is of spiritual attainment, to turn the dross, or lead, of one’s emotional and energetic existence into refined golden light. The lead is that which holds one back, weighs one down, or keeps one’s veil in place, from seeing into the pure forms of light and being, into the subtle realms of consciousness, and realizing, or attaining to, the Divine nature of oneself in living presence. The Medieval Alchemists understood this fundamental nature of consciousness, and pursued this aspect of existence in their work, called “The Great Work.”

In Spiritual Alchemy, one’s awareness is utilized to couple the dross, or encumbrances of one’s dampened states of consciousness, with higher forms of energy to create transformation. Unresolved emotional and psychological patterns, and inadequate or limiting beliefs, which reside in our consciousness, keep us from seeing the truth of who we are, and our relationship to a greater existence. By learning to focus one’s awareness, with simple meditative exercises, we can transform our limiting beliefs or unresolved emotions to more fully meet our authentic nature.

Awareness is a powerful tool. One of the first laws of magic is an understanding that energy follows awareness. This is the principal involved in intention, and the Law of Attraction, the principal of the popular movie, The Secret, but also stated by Thoth in his oracles eons ago. What we focus our awareness on, we draw that energy to us. Awareness is involved in everything we do, even when we are not focusing our awareness. The reality is, we are most often fully aware of what we are doing and what is around us. We simply choose to not focus our awareness, and thus, much of our energy escapes us or dissipates throughout the day, and through the choices of our lives, which are made without the fullness of awareness. When we focus our awareness, we tap immense creative potential. It then becomes our responsibility to learn how to utilize it.

Egyptian High Alchemy has little dogmatic indoctrination, but immense focus on understanding the basic principals of the energies of our human form, and upon awareness exercises. Shamanic like journeys are often incorporated, to give the initiate (or participant) direct perception of the other worlds, enhance their spiritual development, and broaden their relationships to the subtle (pure) realms of consciousness, and all that resides there. Intentional utilization of Sacred Sound is often used to enhance such consciousness exercises, even as it is shown in modern medical research to enhance wellness, relieve stress, and heal even debilitating illnesses such as cancer.

Egyptian Alchemy discerns two fundamental paths, the High and the Low path. The primary difference is one of service and intention. In the Low path of Alchemy, there is not a complete understanding of the principals of cause and effect. Practitioners may utilize their awareness and powers developed for self gain, without concern for its effect upon others. Practitioners may cause pain and suffering in others, and not understand or care about Karmic repercussions. The truth is, we reap what we sow. If we sow wheat, we shall, indeed, reap wheat when the fall harvest comes. In karmic patterns, ‘next fall’ may be this year or next lifetime. So, it is of benefit to understand the principals of spiritual development and passage, in order to set as one’s personal goals those aspects of evolution which benefit not just ourselves, but all of life, and creation. By living even simple ethical standards, we strive for the greatest good for ourselves and others, without fault of judgment for the errors we or others may make in our pursuit of enlightened consciousness. It is understood in Spiritual Alchemy, that the intention of continually striving for the greatest good, in itself, can not only add to our “good Karma” by our right actions, but create the effect of burning off past Karmic debt. The Tibetan Buddhists call it “achieving merit.”

Through developing understanding of our human nature, and working coherently with the creative forces of the Universe, we develop deeper insight into the nature of existence, create right relationships with all of Live, and draw in a greater sense of wellness and peace. We then can begin to bridge the gap into even greater experiences in our lives, and in the subtle realms of existence, eventually awakening into our fullest form.

Zacciah Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, international teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is practicing in Ascutney, VT. He is offering a special practice in the Egyptian teachings: Sekhmet: The Sacred Chord, April 5-6, 2008, in the Dallas area. Contact Ann Williams for more information: (972) 612-8663; e-mail: Ann.Williams@hfit.com or see more on Zacciah’s work at his website: www.thecenteroflight.net

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Tony is a business strategist. He publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In his spare time he reads about technology and the mind.

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About the Author: Tony is a business strategist. He publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In his spare time he reads about technology and the mind. .


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