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Cynthia NovakListen to the economic news and it sounds as if we’ve never been here before, or worse that we are on the verge of economic collapse. The Market is emotional and the emotion for the present is fear. It’s difficult to look at investments and not feel as if the end is near. Still, we’ve been here before and each time the fear slowly fades into the past and is replaced with real estate appreciation, a rise in the price of oil and a Market boom–somewhere.

Astrologically, there is change in the air symbolized by Saturn, the planet of structure and order, opposing Uranus, the restless planet of change. The last time this appeared in the heavens was 1965. The last time there was a big gathering of planets in the heavens where they have been this winter was February of 1962 and the last time the eclipse path fell where it has been in the past year was 1990. There were economic adjustments during each of these times and we grew out of them each time as well. As the planets pull apart and we get greater perspective and less fear-filled emotion this spring, opportunities will begin to appear and the emotion of the Market will turn positive.

I confess that I didn’t foresee the great Market dive. However, the opportunities this spring are great. It’s true, if you don’t have a job or are afraid you’re about to lose yours, it’s difficult to think about opportunity. For those who do, however, there is no seed as ready to be planted as the seeds for the future in the soil of this spring, particularly in May and June.

We begin the season with all of the planets, except Saturn, in soulful lunar mansions that remind us to turn inward for guidance in difficult situations. The Moon travels the whole wheel of the heavens each month and crosses Saturn, the planet of work and endurance, to help us put a plan into action. Then, she moves over the remaining planets over the course of about 10 days and, beginning about 10 days after, she crosses Saturn. Each month is essentially split into 3 segments: A look within to face fears of loss or lack, a segment to plan and initiate action, a segment of frustration or obstacles and another look within as we try to keep the plan moving. Each time the fear rises and each time the plan is tweaked or adjusted when the obstacles arise. For those of us who have some grey in our hair, we’ve been through this before and the gift of Saturn is the wisdom of experience and the knowledge that it only looks like the end of financial flow. Opportunities will rise if we have the perspective to see them and some cash left to invest.

By the time we get to June, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars have all started something new and have great momentum behind them. Jupiter then spends the whole month of June wedding our luck or abundance to the mystical path. It is true that Jupiter with Neptune can be illusion and delusion by the political world or the world of beliefs in general. However, it is also true that these beliefs are born of man and it is up to us to read the fine print or the party platform and to decide what we believe and who we will follow. One of the greatest gifts of the current economic rollercoaster ride down the real estate mountain is the reminder that we are ultimately responsible for what we invest our time, money and beliefs in. It may seem like a great bailout, however, there is nothing quite like economic crises to remind us that we are all connected and not just in the Jungian collective way, but through our investments and bank accounts. It doesn’t matter how many whatzits and gadgets are made in Asia if no one is buying them in the West.

April: The planets are pulling apart. No longer are they tied into an intense grasp as they were all winter. Now, Venus, the planet of love and money, appears to move backward, but she is in a soulful, high-minded place. This is helpful for carefully planned investments and soulful romantic, friendly or filial relationships. She lingers all this month and part of next in the constellation Pisces. As we begin April, Mercury and the Sun have recently crossed her and are stretching business and life-force energy out into the arenas of possibility. On the 17th Venus literally appears to stop in the heavens and turn forward. It’s time to look around and see if you are ready to move forward. I’ll bet Facebook sites have been buzzing with old friends and rekindled romances this winter. Now, we spend a week taking careful survey of the time invested and its potential return.

Venus Joins Mars on April 21st in a soulful and magnetic place in the heavens. The potential for a spiritual, evolutionary leap through love and attraction is great. Venus is also the planet of money. At this time, she is stronger than Mars and there are many who are being guided to abundance in all areas of life and love.

May: It is time to look back over the past few months to assess your own fears and opportunities. The planets spread apart and we get a greater perspective of personal and collective opportunity. These adjustments are never easy. If you have a stable job, be generous and grateful. If you’re struggling, look into your eyes in the mirror and remind yourself that you are being led to a great opportunity and then look for it around every corner. Retrograde Mercury is from May 6th to the 30th. It’s time to reflect, rest your mind, review your plans for the future and remember what is important in your life. When you feel the burden of responsibility, remember that responsibility is an indicator that you are committed to another person or promise made. Mercury is a business planet. Lots of folks are talking about opportunities from the giant Stimulus Package or spending bill. I’ll bet that the vocal opposition continues throughout Obama’s Presidency. For now, it’s time to review the plan and clarify it.
June: Venus joins Mars on June 21st. This entire month, Mars is stronger and he is ready to take a risk; the drive to succeed and the desire to take action through business and relationships grows ever stronger. When you think of Mars, think of action, capitalism and service. The service sector is in the news. Expect businesses to emerge that provide services fed by the Stimulus package. In the area of love, there are daring new relationships popping up everywhere. In business, the signs are strong for growth.

1990-1991: The last time the real estate bubble blew was in the mid-1980’s and there was a recession in 1990-1991. That was the last time Mars joined the eclipse path where it is today. Think about Mars as action or reaction. It is interesting that today the news is doom and economic gloom‚ much as it was then. At that time oil boomed, then fell along with real estate prices and stocks. Then, we were certain that there would never be another boom and prayed that we’d keep our jobs to avoid going bust. These cycles go round and round. So cycles the fear that the bottom will fall out and so goes the burden on taxpayers to pay the debt that we somehow manage to navigate as we rise again to a place of economic enthusiasm. Look around, the tone is somber and the call to invest in the nation is resonate. Look too, for advisors, who have a broad perspective as there are opportunities. They see the trends and follow the money from tax-payers’ pockets into businesses.

If history continues to repeat itself, those that are wise are on the threshold of economic and spiritual opportunity. Can you remain peaceful and calm in the face of frightening news? Will you be part of the reconstruction? Will you reach beyond fear of what you cannot change to find opportunity? Will we all vow to sell sooner next time if there is just one more boom? This spring it is important to remember that these are cycles. It’s up to us to search for opportunities when the buzz is fear. It’s up to us to remain detached as much as possible while we rebuild, and we will rebuild.

Obama: Uranus and Mars face his Mars during the last week of March through mid-April. Uranus will trigger his Mars a total of 3 times. The last two are October 25th, 2009 and January 6th, 2010. The last week in March should show a more assertive stance in several areas from our Commander and Chief. The Uranus transits to Mars are innately unpredictable. GWB nearly choked on a pretzel during a Uranus Mars transit and flew off a Segue on another. He is alive and well so I’d caution us not to assume dire circumstances. Instead, I’d like to talk about what these transits “feel” like. Uranus is like an electrical current. Mars is the planet of action and drive. Put the two together and a person feels restless and unsettled. It seems that other people are doing crazy things and no matter where you turn someone or something is upsetting your plans for a simple day. The transit for O is complicated by transiting Saturn to his Mars. That feels frustrating. No matter where you roll or how good things appear, you land behind the 8-ball again. It’s frustrating and often exhausting. Mars is the planet of action, aggression and service. With Uranus and Saturn on his Mars, it seems that obstacles and irritating people are everywhere.

April is a most volatile time for President Obama where his vocal opposition will be heard. It is intense and combative as the right rally on the energetic wave of economic crises and the President takes hard questions and challenges. April may be the biggest challenge of his career. I would anticipate threats, but that is part of the office. I also expect difficulties with some in his Cabinet as the man whose staff must anticipate everything, continues to be confronted with the unexpected at every turn.
The President and we will make it through this. The surprises aren’t over, but we can choose how we will respond. It is not an accident he’s our leader now. Fortunately, he also has one very favorable transit that begins on March 24th. Lucky Jupiter crosses the front of his chart. President Clinton started his presidency with Jupiter in the 1st house during his first year in office. The transit is good for persuasion and passion. Jupiter is known to passionately present his views and is the consummate proselytizer of the zodiac. His chart is stress-filled, but this aspect looks too good for him to fail and “We the People” can only benefit from his ultimate success.

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at www.HolisticNetworker.com/dailymessage/ or see www.CynthiaNovak.com
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About Cynthia Novak

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit www.CynthiaNovak.com


About the Author

About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit www.CynthiaNovak.com .


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