Spring Stars (2006)

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Cynthia NovakDo You See Weeds or Flowers? Here we are, the breezy rainy months that feed all creatures and lakes and nurture Texas soil for another year. It’s dynamic: one day chilly, another day rainy. Gentle joyful days punctuated by fear as you watch the sky to see how bad the storm will be… then swear because the rains missed you again! By spring’s end, it’s blistering hot. The only thing you can predict about the spring is change: sudden, euphoric and possibly terrifying change. It’s like that in the heavens, too, this year. Spring signals rebirth, but nothing is born without accompanying pains and adjustments to the budget.

Faith in the Future: I tossed out some poppy seeds. The weather hasn’t been the best for poppies….too warm and too dry…but they are tough, and I can see that some have made it. I’ve watched one area as green seedlings appeared and are growing. My husband thinks I’m crazy. He says: “They’re poke salad or dandelions, but they sure aren’t something good.” My dear friend and fellow gardener said, twice, when asked: “I’m pretty sure those are weeds. I would pull them out.” Well, I think I’ll wait a while longer. They may well be weeds, but they are hope to me. Sometimes, when something looks ugly you need to wait, just in case it turns out to be good! I’m going to wait and see what happens. Every plant is a weed somewhere, and every time in history has its critics, naysayers and fear mongers. The months and decades tick by. Each time, we look back fondly on what was, while we miss what is, as we focus on the weeds. Look around you. There are lots of folks trying to tell you that things are bad and getting worse. Hold on to your hope and vision: I promise you will look back fondly on this time; you’ll remember the flowers and not the weeds. Look for them now.

This spring remember that we are all Americans. Find some common ground and hold onto it. There will be folks who want you to know that we are planted with weeds. Remind them that orchids are weeds somewhere. Do not be distracted by petty name calling. Be watchful and productive instead. Keep your eyes and senses tuned for real adversaries, not mere political ones. This is a tenuous time. I know that we can avoid a terrorist hit, and truly believe that we have avoided several since 2001. We are challenged to sort through fraudulent or even theoretical fear so our sensory channels are available in case a real physical danger appears.

Pluto is the planet of the underworld. He lingers near the Galactic Center: A place where universal insight spills in to us. It comes in a flood of fear and distracting data. Each of us must sort through the detritus to find “Truth” amidst the falsehood. This requires critical thinking and a generous serving of self-discipline. Ultimately we will look back on this year and laugh at how emotional we were about the silliest things. For now, we struggle to sift again and again until we find nuggets of truth, like a miner panning for gold.

The President seems to be in hibernation; he’ll come out during this spring. Let’s hope it is simply for the 2006 races, and not for clear and present danger. Unfortunately, the latter is just out of sight. It is up to all of us to remain alert and keep our emotions in perspective. The good thing about a democracy is that change is always waiting. The bad thing is that the other guys get their turn. It’s a stretch to believe in the process even when we don’t like the winners. However, when we take the high ground, our leaders will do the same.

April is An Acrid Month: The planets aren’t really inauspicious, it’s just that none of the visible or “personal” planets are particularly happy where they are. The mental planet Mercury would rather go to Jamaica; Venus, the romantic, sees all the laws; Mars, the action planet, is more interested in caustic words than concrete action; and Saturn, the accountant, is virtually stopped while he shows us just how much (or little) is in the budget. It’s not a bad place for Saturn, except none of the faster moving planets are cooperative. The result could feel like bad reruns of caustic talk-show talking points! What’s the antidote? Stop talking, breathe deeply and listen. Plant something. Get a pot or dig up your lawn and get your hands in the dirt to calm your creative, cooperative soul. Once you plant something, you are bound to have hope for the future and are forced to adjust to what nature brings. It’s rather like adopting a cat. You open your heart then adjust your life to the little being you brought home….and you love him so much you don’t mind!

Looking for a new job? Get your resume out; folks are jumping ship and what they perceive as prison might be your broad vista. Look for purpose rather than acclaim for now, the other will follow. This is a great time to start a long-term weight or exercise program. The future is coming one day at a time. This deep awareness helps you stay with your commitment in time and even in love. Why leap for another when you could rebuild the love you have? Besides, you don’t want to answer all those calls and emails now.

May and June are Months of Rebirth: Saturn starts to move ahead: If you have a planet near 10 degrees of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or Aries of your Vedic chart you will love to see April come to an end. For 9 long months you’ve been in the birth canal, finally things are moving! Our nation feels the push too, only it could take a couple of months to see what we have birthed. May and June are rich with potential so get moving. We all feel it, just those with the direct hits are ever-so-ready. Love and Money in April are mixed: The tax man cometh and we see clearly what we have left to play with. If your reserves are low, you’ll need to be creative, but do make something or shop the paint remnants and faux a wall. Invest your creativity to get the money flowing. The Market is OK, but investors are moody. In May things begin to look brighter. In June the nation assesses our borders and turns its attention to security on all levels. Money is spent there and resources continue to go to the Gulf Coast, as well as the Border.

Venus is the planet of love and money. Venus is helpful throughout April. Her desire for love, abundance and even freedom push us out of negative bondage and help us shake off toxic thoughts and relationships. April 1st through the 18th, she’s in a lunar mansion great for doing business. The ancients describe this lunar mansion as women dancing and drumming. As April begins, get out and move. Join a club, find your church, and meet people: talk, share and listen. Venus loves to dance so take a class or just move your hips. Bring your group together for a purpose. Perhaps it’s the reality of the taxes owed…or paid…but when Venus joins Uranus, the restless planet of freedom, she gets a little restless. What does she want: Sovereignty? Look around, everyone seems to want a little sovereignty in his or her life. Venus helps you get the finer details down until the 27th of April. Plans, ideas and yes, new businesses and a savings account are started this spring to prepare for a little sovereignty.

May is More Malleable: We’d really like to get along. This is a much easier month on all fronts. April 27th through May 23rd, Venus moves into a sweet place for love and romance. It’s just easier to see the soft side of each other. Expect proposals and contentment. This is a hopeful time on the world front. Expect news of cooperation and even peace talks. Mars is strong and decisive, but he’s tired of war. This is evident at the dinner table, the office and hopefully, in the world. Glib politicians try to attract support with humble acts of cooperation. Some work to keep the polarity going, but at least for now, something brings the left and the right together. I hope it’s something joyful.

June is part Jungle and part Garden: May 24th to June 18th things run off track. The planets of love are less than charitable and everywhere you go someone is having a tantrum. Take a deep breath and step back. Find that charitable piece of your heart and lead with it. That diffuses the greedy guys and gals and leaves you looking oh-so-wonderful! Don’t walk out on love simply because his mother thought she was supposed to be the maid of honor at the party. Everyone really did notice you stepped above it. Things come back better than normal on the 19th if you took the high road. If everyone holds onto the memory of the tantrum, then lots of good memories are lost. Hopefully, no one took a video of your snit. What about those June weddings? Bridezilla and Groomgantua might appear, but only if they allow their inner beast to rise. On June 19th Venus is indulgent, but genteel. The soft side of feminine beauty rises and the gentle part of gentle man wants to hold the door for her. Do drop your walls to usher in some of this in your world.

June Brings a Broader Perspective: Jupiter is the planet of grace. He helps us see beyond ourselves and find the rainbow in the spring sky. Jupiter is our philosophy of abundance and our faith in something greater than ourselves. This spring, Jupiter dances gracefully with Uranus, the planet of change. It’s a delicate dance; one that might seem imperceptible to many, but the grace is there. If Uranus is energy, and Jupiter is generous, we may find that they combine to teach us how to be generous with our abundance and with our faith. This is tricky. Many simply want to be right or to say that one caustic remark to get in the news. It’s up to us to demand something bigger from our celebrities, politicians and, most importantly, ourselves. June and July find this “consciousness” just a little more piquant. Perhaps we have gorged on nastiness too long. Will you stop gorging?

How the money grows: These are tentative times, but the economy keeps on rolling. The Bull is snorting along, but he is very irritable from May 24th through June 19th. Expect big egos to take center stage. Cautious investors are successful this quarter. Things are volatile. Diversify your investments and go slowly.

The President: GWB continues to carry the weight of Saturn. Saturn is heavy, frustrating and painfully sensitive all at once. In his case, transiting Saturn sits right at the front of his chart: how we see him. This area holds several planets and represents the physical body. Any one of these transits and you would feel old, even abandoned. It’s likely that he feels abandoned by his supporters and advisers alike. Most of us want to build a wall around ourselves at this time. Some leave a job or marriage; but he does not have that option. Instead, he has been riding his bike in silence. This is a good lesson for all: No matter how stressful life is, set aside time for silence and exercise. If he were my client, I would say, “Way to go! Keep this up and before you know it Saturn will pass.” He is the President of the United States, and while this is a good lesson for all, he is under great scrutiny. During a series of heavy Saturn transits, we all experience the pain of relentless scrutiny. Usually we are fighting ourselves and question the foundation that brought us to this time and place. The important thing is how it will end. In W’s case, he will move through this period and, like President Clinton, have a future after this chapter has ended. Sometimes a series of heavy transits accompanies the loss of a parent. His parents look healthy enough, so it is likely just a feeling. Saturn also brings added responsibility. By summer, he steps up to it.

W’s popularity will improve somewhat this summer and greatly starting in November. This spring is extraordinarily painful. The nation needs leadership and for some reason he seems to avoid it or at least the press. This June he starts to come back: Expect to see some of the old spring in his step and the gleam in his eyes. Sure, he’ll take some more hits by the press and opinion polls, but something brings back the best in W. I just hope it isn’t another attack. I see the passionate leader return to the national and world stage. I hope it’s simply spring that rouses the hibernating bear and not an attack. Certainly the face off with Iran will continue, but I don’t see the same with Syria.

Hillary Clinton: Talk about an intense season and year for this Senator. She has quite the mixture of stressful and opportune transits. The scandal mongers will come at her at every turn. However, she has the grace of Jupiter through October. She’ll take the high road with a mixture of strength and grace. I expect success in the November election and her transits are amazing for 2008. Like W. she becomes more forceful and even combative in June and July. However, she has Jupiter on or near her Venus so she will maneuver well as she takes on adversaries of her own and of the nation.

Delays continue for Delay: Tom Delay has some really irritating transits this year. Uranus is a restless planet and it sits on his Venus. In fact, it literally sits on it all spring. It is a time to look around and things, as well as a person or two, just seem crazy! Still, it lifts just in time for the November elections and the biggest surprise of all may be that he is reelected.

Texas Politics: Kinky Friedman continues to build his platform and his constituency. He’ll make it on the ballot. I wonder if he and his independent rival, Carole Keeton- Strayhorn will merge in some fashion. They are wild-cards. It’s going to be a most exciting governor’s race and the winner will be a long shot. I expect another challenger for Perry. May through July brings scandal, stress and unexpected events for Governor Perry. I don’t know how it will turn out, but it will be surprising to say the least.

The US: Mars is the planet of war and simple aggression, as well as clear direct action. Mars makes a series of direct transits to the US chart this year. This happens every two years so it is not as ominous as it sounds. Unfortunately, Mars is also triggering the charts of many in politics today. Lots of mud wrestling between parties, while bigger issues of security seem to be avoided.

April heralds more combative action on the border with Mexico, as well as demonstrations and protests. May pushes leaders into cooperation and alliances that might surprise you. June continues the pattern of unexpected allies and foolhardy foes. The chart of the new President of Iran is hugely volatile. It is stimulated by chaotic transits throughout this season. The US will make allies against Iran and diplomacy is stretched, but not in vain. This summer we may come to understand why our ports are so tightly connected to foreign nations. I suspect that it is a very conscious choice, but the reason may be more complicated than most of us will ever know. This spring is a turning point in diplomacy and a showdown of sorts. Let it be done with allies and not adversaries. Think peace.

On the border with Mexico, expect increased military and local law enforcement. I hope I’m wrong, but I am concerned that there will be a direct battle, one that politicians can no longer ignore. The citizens of Mexico have been left vulnerable by their army and government, but something is sitting just on the edge that will push US political leaders into action, even during an election year. Do your best to remain alert.

T.S. Elliot said “April is the cruelest month…” in his poem “The Wasteland.” The wasteland is fertile if you bring enough rich compost to the mix. This takes time to build, but the results are beautiful. Bring yours forward. This spring, we are challenged to keep our hearts open and the tiller moving. Take what you have ingested here; plant it there. Little birds eat here then sow the seed there. In time, a forest is born. This spring we are challenged to invest the time and trust that just as nature has worked for millennia, the future is born of our actions. I’m expecting flowers, even when they look like weeds to other eyes.

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at www.HolisticNetworker.com/dailymessage/ or see www.CynthiaNovak.com

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About Cynthia Novak

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit www.CynthiaNovak.com


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit www.CynthiaNovak.com .


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