Understanding the Chakras

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This article addresses common notions about opening and balancing the chakras held by many seeking healing and esoteric knowledge.

The seven chakra system is part of the ancient Hindu system of energetic anatomy, and has become increasingly popular in modern Western culture since the 1960s. Each chakra, literally translated as “wheel”, is an energy vortex, a spiraling doorway into the very deepest aspects of our being, with each holding particular aspects of our reality. Although chakras transmit as well as receive energy, they can be thought of as doorways ‘opening’ from the inside for us as we seek our healing and enlightenment.

[pullquote]Chakras are neither totally “open” nor “closed”; they function with varying degrees of openness[/pullquote]Chakras are neither totally “open” nor “closed”; they function with varying degrees of openness. It is possible to train a sensitive person to be able to ‘feel’ the chakra’s degree of openness, the spin direction, the speed, various anomalies such as wobbles, and the deeper consciousness aspects that are indicative of the inner reality of the subject. A masterful teacher that has attained the rare ability to awaken an aspirant’s kundalini or life-force energy can permanently affect a student’s chakras through higher initiations, when the student has been made ready through a deep and disciplined spiritual practice. The effect upon the chakras is simply a reflection of the change in the disciple’s consciousness, not the goal.

Normally, then, a chaka will simply open when it is ready to open a bit more in conjunction with the progression and healing of the human being; in other words, as it becomes appropriate in one’s life path. This is not usually a quick process, but can be accelerated by a powerful experience that brings healing and expanded consciousness to the individual. It should be noted that “open” and even “balanced” are physical terms, and so these terms are not exactly descriptive of this non-quantum esoteric state.

A chakra will open and contract a few degrees from one moment to the next, much like the pupil of the eye, but the baseline average degree of openness will remain close to the same without the aforementioned changes in consciousness. The change may involve the release of trauma, blockage, fear, and associated pain in all its myriad forms, but to think it requires little effort is erroneous.

To effect a significant change in a chakra requires a fundamental shift in the spiritual level, also referred to as the “causal” level. Such a change will be felt throughout the person’s life experience afterwards. This change can be perceived by a healer with clairvoyant vision as a cascade of energy throughout the subtle bodies; the spiritual, mental, emotional, and etheric. From the etheric, which is a bluish grid-like overlay upon the physical body, the energies we carry filter into the physical body. All disease carries with it an energetic component. Advanced energy healing can often heal disease, as well as prevent it from manifesting in the physical. Prevention is easiest.

Let’s take an improvised example. A female client may wish to work on a blocked feeling that seems to prevent her from being able to give and receive love with her husband. She may only know that every time her husband opens up and expresses his love for her, she begins to subtly shut down and block him in various ways. However, during my initial scan, I may perceive a black wedge-shaped energy within her heart chakra connecting to her inner child in the second chakra. As I help her to identify the energy, we may discover that as a little girl, she was severely rebuffed and emotionally punished by her father due to a problem he had with the girl’s mother, which had nothing to do with the child. However, the child grows up feeling unlovable by men, and with no modeling of real love by her parents. Through several failed romances, the maturing young woman establishes a pattern of shutting down whenever a lover truly opens his deep heart to her, yet doesn’t know what’s wrong. In seeking out a partner to heal this pattern with, she marries a man with whom she desperately wants to find happiness, one that has a “matching” energy; he finds her shutting down pattern incredibly painful and frustrating.

With a healer’s gentle guidance as the story unfolds, and the woman clearly seeing the pictures in her mental body of the energy and the process by which it manifested in her life, the effect it has had on her relationships, and feeling the pain of all this in her emotional body, an agreement is reached with the energy through voice dialog and with the woman herself to release the energy.

Awareness moves energy. The pure focus upon the energy allows energetic techniques to be used to release the energy and bring in a beautific healing white light from above to replace the energy with the light of divine guidance. Often the energy itself begins to turn various shapes and colors; green, golden, and white, which both healer and client witness at once. This is a real, palpable light, but not the quantum photon light you see with your physical eyes. The woman may find herself floating in a profoundly silent, but dynamic state of healing reverie with this light infusing her heart and finally her entire being. Forgiveness of self and others will start to come in through the heart. As the lesson that the blockage appeared in her soul’s journey to teach her is learned on the causal level, true healing will take place, and the chakra will begin to undergo a deep and permanent change. The fabric of this person’s reality is now changing, and this can be seen in the images, patterns, and symbols woven into her subtle bodies. After a few follow-up sessions, the heart chakra that was opened to about forty degrees with a black, wedge-shaped energy containing deep-seated fear and self-hatred, can become a heart opened to about ninety degrees with a sustained beautiful new feeling of acceptance for herself and her husband within it. The second chakra, the seat of the inner child, as well as the third, will have undergone similar transformation. If deep spiritual progress is desired, this process, through time and effort, can lead to clearing and further opening of the higher chakras as well. Opening the higher chakras first, however, without clearing the lower ones, is common among spiritual aspirants, and is inevitably the cause of serious problems.

So, the “opening” of the heart chakra is crucial, not as an end in itself, but rather as a means to an end – the deep transformation that the original distress led to. Could this be attained by waving hands, shining lights, manipulating energy, or other such devices, while leaving the trauma from the original childhood emotional injury intact? Perhaps; there are many ways to heal; but this is one that engages the client’s conscious awareness. We are all unique, and the trauma that manifests in one way in one person can take a completely different turn in the life story of another, as each of us has our own complex web of life to unfold. Just know the difference between a “balanced” or “open” chakra, and a chakra that is in deep transformation due to healing that is happening in the depth of your being.

Andrew M Williams discovered his own innate ability to use healing energy in the 1970s, and after many years of alternative healing studies, he became a Certified Advanced Energy Healer in 1997, graduating the intensive Jaffe School of Energy Mastery, now a Sufi school. Andrew is currently expanding his Spiritual Energy Healing practice in Fort Worth, with plans to start his own school teaching clairvoyant healing skills. Andrew is a Sufi initiate, and draws from this powerful stream of ancient wisdom in his work. He can be reached at (817) 925 6824, andywilliams@hughes.net

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Spiritual Energy Healer and long time student of all types of alternative healing.

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About the Author: Spiritual Energy Healer and long time student of all types of alternative healing. .


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