Connecting With the Spirit of the Land

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Adapted from the Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit, by Christan Hummel (One Source Publications, 2004),

All of life is alive, whether or not we recognize it. So is the land on which your home sits! The key to communicating with these other dimensional realms is to bring your thoughts and vibrations into resonance with their energies. In this guided meditation you will be given an opportunity to take a moment to become aware of the life energy and intelligence of the property you are working with.

Simple Solution: Learn here how to attune yourself to the consciousness of your property.

How to Connect to the Spirit of Your Land:

A Visual Approach:

1. First center yourself within, take a few deep breaths to relax, and align your consciousness with your Higher Self, and Mother Earth.

2. Simply observe the property as if you were going to draw it to describe to someone who had never seen the property. It is important to be non-judgmental.

3. As you survey the property visually, note any places that seem to stand out in your mind. Do not ‘look’ for anything simply scan the area passively waiting to see what is impressed upon your vision.

4. If anything does stand out to you, allow your vision to go to that place and simply ‘be’ with that area of the property that has called your attention. Again it is important to be non-judgmental. Keep all thoughts aside until you are finished.

5. As you continue to allow your visual gaze to fall upon anything that has called to your attention, allow yourself to really ‘take in’ the object you are viewing.

6. Again, without any purpose in looking, you are not looking for anything, simply allowing yourself to observe what you are being called to look at. Be aware of any feelings you have as you do this exercise.

7. Then, without thinking about it, just draw or write down anything you can remember about the experience.

8. You may be quite surprised at the information you receive in this very simple exercise.

A Kinesthetic Approach:

In this exercise you will actually need to be on the property somewhere to make physical contact with the area.

1. First center yourself within, breathe deeply to relax, and align your consciousness with your Higher self, and Mother Earth.

2. Find something on the property that calls to you, and allow yourself to go over to that part of the property and feel with your hands what you have been drawn toward.

3. For those especially sensitive, be sure to call on your protective techniques before “feeling” any geopathic energy zones. In this exercise you are not limited to anything, simply allow yourself to go over to any part of the property that is calling your attention.

4. Notice what you feel in your body, and in your emotions when you are there. Without judgment simply note the feelings.

5. Now move to another area of the property. After doing this several times in different areas, jot down some notes of what you felt in different areas.

These are all techniques to attune you to the inner dimensions of the property with which you are working. These are the dimensions in which the devic realms live. You are thereby attuning yourself to their world, making it easier for them to communicate with you. When you write down your experiences, you open a channel for their impulses and impressions to come through you in the process.


About the author:
Christan Hummel is the author of the Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit. She travels internationally lecturing and teaching people how to access nature in a co-creative spirit. Christan has been in communication with the devic realms of Nature since a teenager. Through this inner relationship, her Nature guides have helped her to recover ancient lost understandings of how to work with the earth to restore harmony and balance. A pioneer in earth energies exploration, Christan has taught thousands globally how to restore this lost relationship with Nature. In a grassroots network established throughout the world, groups have amazed government officials with results such as lower pollution levels, crime, earthquake activity, restoration of weather patterns. Christan provides a unique synthesis of modern science and ancient wisdom in an easy and understandable manner accessible to us all.

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Tony is a business strategist. He publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In his spare time he reads about technology and the mind.

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About the Author

About the Author: Tony is a business strategist. He publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In his spare time he reads about technology and the mind. .


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