Opportunity is Knocking

Written by on December 26, 2010 in Editorial

opportunity knocksThe past few years we have been experiencing a global recession. Although this has been a big adjustment for many people, I have been amazed at all of the many opportunities this has presented. Housing has become more affordable with mortgage rates lower than they have been in decades, technology has gotten better and cheaper, people have become more grateful for what they do have, and businesses offering valuable products and excellent service are continuing to thrive.

Although so much has seemed out of our control, there are many things that we do have control over. I have found it invaluable to listen to Rodney Anderson’s radio show on Saturdays from 8:00 to 9:00am on 105.3 The FAN and from 11:00am to noon on News Radio 1080 KRLD. Rodney is a Nationally acclaimed Expert, Author, and Consumer Advocate for overall financial wellness, who resides in the Dallas metroplex. He recently authored the book, “Credit 911: Secrets and Strategies to Saving Your Financial Life”, which is an amazing resource for many of the things we are not taught in school, such as improving and maintaining an excellent credit score. I have learned so much from Rodney over the years and have applied this knowledge in many useful ways.

Since the recession began, Tony and I have been able to refinance our home at just 4.5%, lower our homeowners insurance premium while maintaining the same coverage by going with a different insurance company, lower the rate from our electric company (just by asking), and purchase a hybrid at an excellent price with 0% interest. In addition, we have upgraded our computer systems for much less money than we previously spent with more power and features than we had before. All in all, we have found an abundance of opportunities that have improved our lives dramatically, helped us lower our expenses, and given us a lot to be grateful for.

I believe that years from now we will look back and be astonished at the low interest rates and incentives that are being offered right now and many will wish they had had the foresight to take advantage of them. I hope you will look for and find the many opportunities and blessings in your life, even in these times that many find so trying. I encourage you to find solutions to life’s challenges and to be part of the recovery.

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About Felicia Weiss, Ph.D.

Felicia co-publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In her spare time, Felicia enjoys reading and working in the garden.

About the Author

About the Author: Felicia co-publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In her spare time, Felicia enjoys reading and working in the garden. .


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