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Cynthia NovakI am excited to talk about this season. How can anyone resist a year that begins on 1-1-11? As an astrologer, I know that the different planets move through segments of the heavens on their own time or cycles. Occasionally they gather in one area. Sometimes it is in a constellation other times they are close together in a lunar mansion or section of the heavens that is only as far as the Moon passes in a single day. The ancient Hindu astrologers called these nakshatras. What has me so excited is a big gathering in a very difficult place is pulling apart. Imagine they were stuck together in a bureaucratic line leading no where, or worse; they were drunk at a bar and couldn’t leave.

The important thing is they are tired and increasingly weary of ego. Folks are weary of terrible talk and future dread. Terrible-izing sells, for a while, but by mid-January its time is over. So, this is the perfect time to see opportunity! Yes, anyone who has a really good idea or an eye for the good stuff is in a position to succeed. Succeed how? You ask. Will it be in love, money, career or health? Can a person rise to the situation? Can she transcend her desires to become a kind and loving partner? Can any of us see the gift in life and the value in using our gifts? Can we position ourselves to succeed? The answer to all of these is “yes”!

The planets are in a series of lunar mansions that are called the white mansions. The first was in December: that mansion was literal or figurative loss. Now we move to opportunity: Keep your eyes open and your senses tuned to your own talents and opportunities for you.

January 2011 1-11: Take a look in the mirror at your body and your spirit. What do you see? If you are too weary to make a resolution on the 1st, then you are not alone. However, take some notes any way. You’ll have them waiting when you are ready. The beginning of this month is still a bit of the stale smoke and indigestion from last year. Let it pass. You may overindulge for a few days, but as the Moon crosses the Sun (new Moon) then Mars on the 4th, it also makes a partial Solar Eclipse. This eclipse is visible in northern Africa, but is most visible from London east across Paris, through Romania and into the former USSR. The track takes it through Iran and Iraq, too. These nations will be in the news. Yes, some are potentially volatile now. As we start the year, Iran’s nuclear potential is indeed real and neighboring nations are wise to try to stop it.

For most of us, as the Moon crosses Jupiter and Uranus on the 10th, we can see changes in our lives that are built on last year’s experience. Get started or be prepared as we enter the month. Take a class or try something different. Honestly, the old Saturn line was never so true: If you keep going the way you are going, you see right where you will end up!” If you want a change, then get it started. Sign up for something fresh or new even if you must push yourself to the first session…or three.

February 2011: We begin the month again on a dark thoughtful moon. In fact, it’s called the balsamic phase of the moon. It is hard to see where we are going; but we know where we’ve been and are looking for change. Now, Mars and the Sun are in a very powerful place. I hope you got going in January, because you already see the results of your work or your work outs! As the Moon crosses the Sun and Mars on the 2nd and Jupiter Uranus on the 6th, it is a powerful time to create a business, start dating or learn to dance: Anything that involves action and interaction. There is no better month to start a business plan or make a daring change. Caveat: don’t do it unless you know in your heart you are willing to take the risk and to work, or even fight for it….whatever “it” is.

Sure, you might gain some weight back or lose some of your investment. There are no guarantees in life except that it will change, but these planets are great for business and action. If you have a great job, find a way to engage your body and spirit outside of work. If you have a good marriage or family, then make changes elsewhere. There is no better month to really assess what your passions and talents are and engage them. If you aren’t using them in your job, then find an outlet. If you can’t even see them, then come for a personal astrology reading and I’ll help you see your aptitude and take a good look at your attitude….grins.

March 2011: It keeps getting better. The New Moon comes on the 4th and the Moon joins the Sun and Mars in a mansion that is all about getting to the root of the matter. It’s good for health and great for action to rebuild your body. Think herbs or good will and a good diet. The planets are really helpful. The white mansions help us get out ourselves, and help us see how the way any of us expresses “me” in the world has a great impact on others. For most of us, it’s easy to find the good stuff. In fact, it’s just as easy as finding the daily drama. Look for the good stuff as the Moon triggers Jupiter on the 6th. Focus on where you are going today and in this minute and the drama divas will have to look far and wide for an audience. This sounds simple, but that’s because in some ways it really is. Look for the simple solutions. If you know you “terrible-ize” or crave the bad stuff, then look into your eyes in the mirror and give your thoughts the gift of saying “no” to self-destruction or self-deprecation. Announce what you can do and do it. The Moon crosses that happy Jupiter Uranus again on the 6th of March.

President Obama: January the President appears to come out of hibernation. The gathering in December was in a very difficult place in his chart: Difficult for stress, anxiety, international threats and fears. It was in his 12th house (I call it your personal anxiety closet filled with real and imagined monsters). However, more than anything, the focus in January is on the rebirth of his Presidency. As we walk through the winter months, he comes out and stands out. Vedic astrology deals with huge cycles in a person’s life. In that model, President Obama is at the very end of his Jupiter cycle. Think of Jupiter as the consummate politician. By the end of 2012, he is in his Saturn Cycle, which is more wise elder statesman (yes, even though he is young). So, he may indeed be in the final years of his Presidential career. The big question: what will he do with the time that remains? His cabinet continues to change. It’s time for the President to lead us toward economic recovery. As Mars crosses the front of his chart in January, he makes a powerful stand. As Mars moves through February, we see action. As always, I wish the President well; may his new advisers be wise.

The Economy: I looked back in time to see when the planets last gathered in Sagittarius with the eclipse path in the USA; and yes, the US went through economic reorganization. The eclipse path has a very fated quality: Time to let something go. Given the US birthday or birth chart as 7-4-1776, these periods often indicate a shift in parties, economic strategy and alliances. Look back to the end of 1991 and the beginning of 1992. Then, as now, real estate had taken a hit, [remember the S&L debacle?] unemployment was high and the government was literally broke. However, here we are today looking back on a boom or two since then. It is important, make that essential, to look at where you are and move if you have to: Internally or even literally. That’s easier said than done and the move may only be in attitude. Saturn is the pragmatist. Each planet leaves the gathering and has an audit with Saturn. Saturn says: where have you invested your time, energy money and love? One by one the planets take stock and assess if it’s time to change or to be still. Is it time to commit or stay free? By the time we get to the summer of 2011, these decisions bear fruit. I am not a financial adviser, but it is a good time to invest if you are calm and calculated. I believe the new cycle is here.

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at or see Come hear Cynthia’s talk at the Wellness Expo in Addison on Sunday, February 6 at 11:30am entitled “Astrology & You”.

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Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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