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Cynthia NovakWelcome summer with the promise of heat, fun and economic rebuilding. July starts with a New Moon on the 2nd, just in time for America’s annual birthday party. The economy struggles with inflation and there is fear of foreign dollars. However, there is an excitement for what is to come through the Presidential Election. That collective enthusiasm is part of the spark of resilience that this nation and her economy are known for. Change is in the air and in the heavens.

Jupiter, the optimistic guru, slows to a halt; resiliency is the word this summer. Look to the sky and if your eyes are very sharp, you can see the planet Jupiter in the constellation Sagittarius. He’s so close to the Earth; he appears to move backwards. From July 1st until October 1st he moves just 6 degrees! Jupiter lingers in a lunar mansion that deals with goading or prodding the self or soul to a perspective greater than the self. Here, Jupiter is the proverbial push off the collective couch. Jupiter is the high minded-coach who motivates us to pull for the team to something greater. Sure, you can choose to ignore lofty ideals in favor of cynicism, but the latter is so full of isolation and inertia that it really does pay to reach for more. Jupiter is the planet of society and collective civility. We can give civility to each other, but we may need a gentle reminder from our mentors, Founding Fathers and Presidential candidates. Will you reach beyond your desires? Are you ready to play a part in the future?

Look to the constellation Leo. There you’ll find Saturn, the planet of structures and tenacity. Jupiter governs gold, but Saturn governs lead. Saturn is everywhere. He is the tick, tick, tick of time on the mortal clock of life. Resiliency is born from Saturn’s obstacles and shared through Jupiter’s broad soulful excitement for the future. One by one, Mars, Venus, Mercury the Sun and Moon will cross Saturn, then receive the gift of opportunity from Jupiter. Simply put, we are tested by mortal fears of lack or mortality. We come to appreciate each other and want to share that. The knowledge that we are all in this home, job, town, nation or world offers an inspired resiliency. The Conventions fall just as these aspects, or potential, moves through.

The Summer begins with the sense we are somehow alone. That is the frustration of Mars on Saturn. It feels in some way like having one foot on the brake and another on the gas. However, as the Summer comes to an end, We the People are working together. The momentum is palpable. Those of you who are really tuned in will feel it first. In fact, you’ll only feel the Mars Saturn as a call to determined spiritual awareness and inner action. The first planet to cross Saturn is Mars, the Planet of action, service, competition and even war. This is how we start the Summer that begins with separation, but ends with unity. The Presidential Election really is different this time. The Conventions will be lively and the Democrats will be compelled to be more Democratic. Even those disinterested by politics will tune in. Both Parties are challenged to meet the needs of their constituents and both candidates are wild cards. Jupiter is politics and Saturn is structure and order. The USA is making a shift, but you might not notice if you don’t think it’s possible.

July: Jupiter faces Venus as the month begins. They are both big spenders and there is plenty of money flying around during the holiday weekend. By the 8th economic bad news could send a little shudder through you, but it will not last. July starts off filled with enthusiasm, but the Market is not as fearless as we thought. Soon, Mars, the planet of action, will cross Saturn, the planet of responsibility. We the People are challenged to take responsibility as July comes to an end. This is the perfect month to develop a business idea. You see what we “need.” The 2nd and 3rd weeks are great to tackle a big task. Put your head down and chip away at it until it becomes a work of art. By the 25th, things are looking up. The last week of July is most interesting for relationships. Talk about destiny! Venus, the planet of love, crosses through the eclipse path as July comes to an end. There is no better time to use positive faith, love and heartfelt love to heal. That does mean you do the loving as well as expect it. It’s better to turn the cosmic plan for love over to a higher source. This month it truly does feel like destiny. Great Smiles

August: A Total Solar Eclipse comes on the 1st. It covers the Northern Hemisphere and should be most visible in the far Northern regions of Canada, The Arctic and partially visible across Europe and the Eastern Block. The big news will be about Arctic drilling and Global Warming. Expect surprising news and actions. This Eclipse falls on the planet Mercury and “news” is part of communications. However, Mercury also deals with business. The big talk will be the international market place with an emphasis on the areas illuminated by the eclipse. This is a cooperative lunar mansion that deals with enlightened action and prosperity. There is plenty of talk about global business, however, the near future is all about local business. The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th finds the planets Mercury, Saturn and Venus all together. Jupiter, the big picture planet, offers the big picture to all who will look. This should translate into peace talks from the boardroom, to the bedroom, to political power brokers. We truly are greater when we work together for a shared ideal. Politicians aren’t the only ones who know we have to cooperate to get things done. By the end of August, the Presidential Race is teaming with energy again. The Lunar Eclipse on McCain’s chart suggests that he is unusually lively this month. Just as the visible planets cross Saturn, the Conventions are held. The Democrats have theirs the 25th-28th. Expect surprises everywhere. The only thing certain is it will make history. The convention falls in the dark, slow phase of the Moon. This should calm the crowds and help them reach for inspired, spiritual union.

September: We find ourselves in the Grasp of Destiny. All the visible planets are on one side of the ecliptic. The Moon stays with them through the 13th, then has two weeks on the other side. Expect the first half of the month to be filled with excitement and the passion of history unfolding before us. The next 2 weeks is all about trying to figure out the details of how to do it and the ramifications of our collective action. Whew! That is bigger than the office drama. The potential for positive change from the economy to the world stage is here. Excitement fills the air as the summer comes to an end. The faster moving planets have pulled away. This month we anchor what we’ ve learned. Saturn and Jupiter are both moving so slowly that they work as one. If Jupiter is the big picture, Saturn is the beauty of little details. If Jupiter is the ideals of a Party or group, Saturn is the foundation that the big ideas are built upon. Saturn shows us where we need to cut in order to finance Jupiter’s New Deal. Jupiter helps us reach beyond immediate gratification for a plan for the future. This isn ’t a given, but it is a powerful potential when we reach for something big like the ideas this nation was built upon. September is all about the future. Jupiter is expansion, Saturn contraction. We are giving birth. It’s the start of a school year and the big push for the Presidential race. The Republicans have their convention from the 1st to the 4th during a dynamic New Moon energy. They might offer an economic plan that the people can grab onto. I wonder if they hired an astrologer for some added astro oomph?

The Race: It appears that the candidates get some down time in July. McCain has some frustrating transits that suggest to me that he’s not overjoyed about his running mate. I still think it will be Romney. McCain is a bit of a wildcard. He was born with Uranus, the revolutionary, in stressful aspect to Mars, the planet of action and service. This will probably be his last run and he will make it memorable. August and September are full of action as the “old dog” courts “the People.” In the meantime, Obama and Hillary make history. As I write this, it sounds pretty crazy, but I’m betting that he offers and she accepts the VP slot. I don’t think it will happen soon, but perhaps in August, just before the Convention. With his charisma and her strength, they will continue to draw attention. I expect her to accept the VP slot after negotiating to be an unusually powerful VP. Obama gets to breathe in July, then he comes out onto the world stage. Obama has some tricky transits, however, the one thing that is certain about the Uranus transit to his natal Mars is that it is innately unpredictable. If folks are talking about his demise that’s not what will come. Uranus is revolutionary and playful in everyway. It’s difficult to relax when you have a Uranus transit because you desperately want to be free. However, when you represent a huge nation and a party you are never totally free from scandal, criticism and, of course, the pull of “the party.” What makes these candidates and this election so refreshing is their innate destiny to facilitate change. If you think things are going to be the same ol’ same ol’, just park your cynicism on the couch while you watch. Plenty of folks are ready to participate from the left and right. Both candidates have reached across party lines in the past. Are you ready for that stretch? Will you reach beyond party lines for the best candidate? I’ll bet that happens in many ways across the land this fall, and in September we watch history being made as the Race carries us with it.

Love and Money: July begins with a little reckless spending and romance. That quickly slows, but comes back in September. Then, Venus and Mars join Mercury in the heavens. There is plenty of talk and action in the areas of love and money. In fact, we will look back on the Summer of 2008 as the birth of something exciting. We are ready to reach out, too. This gets stronger as the month goes on, but if I were going to look for love and plan for more money, I would take action anytime, but definitely on the 10th of September.

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at or seen
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Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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