Loving What Is.

Written by on July 1, 2005 in Editorial

Most people- regardless of things such as age, sex, race, and nationality- wish to experience joy and to avoid pain. We often look for answers to how we might better accomplish this goal. Sometimes we find the knowledge we seek and it is surprisingly simple, yet profound. These insights can change everything and we can begin to live our life in a more satisfying way.

Byron Katie (known as Katie) was severely depressed in her thirties. One day, she had an amazing awakening when it suddenly occurred to her that she felt incredible sadness whenever she believed that something should be other than what it was. She realized that what was causing her depression was not the world around her, but rather it was the beliefs she held about the world and her idea that it should be other than what it was. She suddenly understood that her search for happiness was backward and could not be obtained by attempting to get the world to match her beliefs about how it should be. Out of this experience she developed a simple, yet powerful method of inquiry, which she calls “The Work”. She went from being severely depressed and barely able to function and became filled with love for all that life brings.

Katie teaches “The Work” all over the world and she wrote a book called, Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life, which teaches her method. Her new book called, I Need Your Love – Is That True? : How to Stop Seeking Love, Affection and Appreciation and Start Finding Them Instead furthers our understanding and gets one to question beliefs that we take for granted, which are often not bringing us the joy we seek. I have found great peace through her approach. It is a new way of looking at things and by asking myself her four questions, I have been able to make profound changes in my own life. Byron Katie will be in Dallas September 9th-11th, offering her incredible work. (Due to unexpected eye surgery, Katie’s Dallas visit was postponed.) This is a rare opportunity to learn from a very gifted woman, whose great breakthrough, insight and teachings might help you to profoundly change your own life.

Sometimes when things occur that we wish had been otherwise, it is important for us to realize that things are working out for the best even if it does not feel that way at the time. I look at life as being like a tapestry. Sometimes things appear dark, yet when we look back at the tapestry, the dark colors are very beautiful. When I look at life this way, it is easy for me to love and to appreciate what is. From this place I am able to find the gifts that do exist and I can continue to learn and to grow in a direction that does bring me the happiness I seek.

I hope that you will learn to love what is and that you, too, will experience the tremendous joy and peace that this brings.

Love & Light,

Felicia Weiss, Ph.D.

About Felicia Weiss, Ph.D.

Felicia co-publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In her spare time, Felicia enjoys reading and working in the garden.

About the Author

About the Author: Felicia co-publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In her spare time, Felicia enjoys reading and working in the garden. .


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