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Cynthia Novak

Are We in The Grasp of Destiny or is Destiny In Our Grasp?

From the beginning of Autumn until December 17th, all of the visible planets will be on one side of the ecliptic path. Since the Moon runs around the heavens every month, she’ll venture out of the grasp of the great serpent, which is the way Hindu astrologers describe this formation. What this means literally is the visible or “personal” planets are all on one side of the heavens. The heavens are divided by the ecliptic. It’s called a “great serpent” because if you were to mark the points where the Moon rises and falls on the ecliptic path, it would appear to undulate. It doesn’t take an astrologer to note that this period of time encompasses the remainder of the Presidential Election. Now that we have Barak Obama as the Democrat’s nominee and Sarah Palin as the Republican VP choice of political maverick John McCain, there is no doubt that we are making history and something big has the nation and the electorate in its grasp.

If the Moon is our perceptions and she moves around the heavens quickly, this is the way out of fear and into trust. This is how we experience life and, ultimately, accept that change is part of life and not merely a campaign slogan. We lay out our plans and act accordingly. However, we are tested by change as we accept that at times we feel very out of control. We must learn to bend with the great serpent or fall under the weight of the unexpected. The challenge is to detach from the fear, take a deep breath and remember that destiny is within our grasp. We can bend our plans to move with life as we meet it.

No matter which party wins, there is a politician with long experience and a partner with comparatively no experience running. We will manifest change, but do we trust the process? Ultimately that’s what we must do because to fear it and “them” is to be tossed around by the fates. To embrace the process and play a part is to be part of Destiny and to be empowered.

As the Moon pulls away from the other visible planets, we get some distance or perspective on the election and our fear or faith in the process. We are tested as the Moon pulls into them. The test is rather like the test of a small boat in the ocean. Will you ride with the waves or fear them: Can you trust your skills and those of your fellow citizens while you navigate the power of an election? Remember, in a democracy the other party wins some of the time….smiles. Are you part of the nation no matter what, or separate from it in spirit or in action? It’s tricky because fear is easier to come by when it’s broadcast to you by the opposing parties. There is only one thing that is certain: “We the People” will make history with our choice. It can go either way, but no matter which party wins, their candidate has already rebelled against the party of the past and is moving forward. It is exciting that we can each remain emotionally afloat. Here is a list of dates where the Moon moves into and out of the grasp: In- Oct. 1, Out- Oct. 9th; In- Oct. 21, Out- Nov. 5; In- Nov. 18, Out- Dec. 2.
The big areas of action in the heavens are 15-30 degrees of Sagittarius where Jupiter brings in abundance and throws it to the same segments of Aries, Gemini and Leo. The more challenging zone is 22-30 of Leo and Aquarius where Saturn (the structure) and Uranus (the unexpected) planets push against your plans and push you to change direction. This also spills onto the same segments of Scorpio and Taurus. These are all in your Vedic chart.

Jupiter remains unusually strong until mid-December: Jupiter is all about the law so the Supreme Court is in the news and active this season. Jupiter is beliefs, politics and optimism. It supports the Market and stimulates spending. Jupiter is acting, media and PR. With Jupiter moving fast and strong, it’s easy to see that a fortune will be spent on ads for the candidates by overt and covert groups. However, Jupiter is the big picture and excitement for the future. It suggests that the candidates and “We the People” are interested in where we as a nation are going and how we’ll get there. This is not the usual election so ask big questions and search for the answers. I hope the media will ask, too…we deserve a big and optimistic vision with a detailed plan on how to get there.

October: October begins with Venus strong through the 13th. She recently crossed Mars, starting a new phase in relationships. Let’s just say that the planet of love and money is spending some of what she’s got on primping. She is a creative planet, so she can get that fresh face and brighten up her wardrobe and her home on a budget. On the 14th she moves into a sweet give and take mutual reception with Mars. Their embrace will linger through November 7th. Venus is ready for a partner, but she is also ready to meet and mingle for a time before she decides. Mars is willing to chase and the anticipation is strong. This is good for romance and for refreshing the love you already have. Apply it to your resume and you will find fresh ways to look at what you’ve learned in the past. Apply it to your business and feel the love as you take in the praise of clients, both new and old. Jupiter helps as he is the ultimate optimist and he’s moving forward now. In fact, he’ll gain momentum through the rest of the year. If you have a class you’ve wanted to take or a group you thought about attending, get out the door and go!

Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde until the 15th. Be sure to repeat all numbers and confirm your reservation. Back up your computer and store up on batteries for your phone. If you aren’t sure of the directions to your meeting, then you had better double check with two different online map/direction services. It would be wise to talk to a person, too. If you’re thinking of changing your internet service, wait until after the 15th. Until then, wait amongst loads of disgruntled customers looking for a better way. Of course, if you are in sales, this is a time for great opportunity and the best day of all is the 15th, when Mercury goes direct! Just don’t forget that this period of time is when the mind longs for silence (which, of course, is why you accidentally flushed your phone). There is no better time to revisit plans that veered away from your planned path. There is also no better time to redo and renew your personal ad, or rework your business plan or replay your spiritual tapes… .

November: Romance is playful and we are all distracted by the election. On the 7th, folks get down to business. Mars pulls into his own constellation of Scorpio for the remainder of the year. This is a fierce place for competition and this transit of Mars in the last 7 years has been associated with aggressive military action in Iraq. Hopefully, that will not be true this time. This is a strong period for clear, decisive action in every area. It is also one where it’s easy to be misled by your opponent. That might not be a big deal if you’re playing chess with resin figures. However, if you’re trying to win the big deal or the love of your life, then it’s better to be honest and direct, but also to remain aware that your opponent may not be. Simply put, show up and do your best, but keep your antennae tuned in to your surroundings.

December: There is a very delicate or perhaps volatile combination of planets forming. Mars is strong. He’s good at action, aggression and service. Sometimes Mars pulls into a stressful aspect with Uranus and unexpected events happen or are uncovered. Sometimes he pulls into a stressful aspect with Saturn and fear sends the Market down or prompts reaction from fear. When all three are combined we, at the least, feel vulnerable to the forces of life and death. We sense that some things are out of our control and we react. If something doesn’t feel right, then trust your first hunch and move away. The election will stir emotions for the losing party and its followers. It’s up to us all to trust and to keep our eyes open. The change already happened, yet a reaction could be extreme. There is no month where it is more important to keep your faith and hold your spiritual center. This may only be a collective fear or a threat. I assume that Al Qaeda will make threats throughout the election to try to influence the parties. However, if there is a deranged person, who wants to make history, then I believe he’ll make his move at this time. I pray that he’ll be stopped.

From December 12th until the 19th, Mars makes a stressful transit to Barak Obama’s Mars as Saturn sits upon his Mars and Uranus opposes it. This is an eerie combination reminiscent of the transits to JFK’s birth chart when he was assassinated. Assuming that the times of birth we have for both men are accurate, both were born with a powerful Mars placed in the 8th house of life and death. Will Obama follow in JFK’s footsteps to win the election and then go quickly to the grave? I hope not. I feel certain that those protecting him will give him good coverage and he will be wise. Perhaps, though, there will be an attempt and threats. The source of the threats will surprise him and all of us.

If we pay attention we’ll feel the wobble. After the 15th Mars pulls onto Pluto and the New Moon on the 27th has the potential to bring us together through great emotion and possibly suffering. The New Moon with Pluto and Mars are in a lunar mansion that deals with creation that follows destruction.
Throughout the holidays we are reminded that we are one nation. I hope that these are only fears and threats. Do your part to remain aware of your surroundings. I would definitely check within before traveling. I hope that this is the time when we prepare for the gifts of political change, while we remain alert to those who would stop at nothing to see us fail. It is a delicate month for the Market. Fear is in the air and the Market usually struggles when investors are afraid. It is possible that we will lose a powerful public/political figure at this time and it will bring us together. It is likely that that person will have already retired, but it will still stir emotion. Senator Kennedy has cancer: He’s the first to come to mind. Please know that I do not believe that we as astrologers can predict life or death.

When I looked back in history to a time when Mars joined Pluto in this mansion, Mula. I had to go all the way back to November 1760. Here are a few fascinating bits of history from 1760. I found letters written by John Adams as he pondered the importance of working hard in the world as a young man, but becoming a judge later. He spoke of age as a time when the mind is cluttered, and youth when it is essentially free. George Washington wrote mundane letters of daily life. Nothing foreshadowed the Revolution to come just 16 years later. In Europe, Enlightenment was the rage. In China, Canton became the only port licensed to do business with Europe. In the Americas we had the end of French Resistance in North America and Britain gained control of much of French America. The Boers settled in South Africa. We see change and movement and a shift in control of what would become the U.S.
This mansion of Mula was also triggered in the first 3 months of 2008. We felt the grip of economic fear, but we are still moving on. Perhaps it is the morbid nature of man to find the worst in the times we live; then, remember them as “the good ol’ days!” Great smiles arise from the irony of life and a vote to celebrate this moment. Let’s embrace it. We do hold destiny in our grasps.

The Race: As I write this, the race has been pretty gentlemanly. Both candidates have made a promise that their people will not attack the other’s spouse. They are both vying for media attention. Obama has been the media darling. McCain was the old dog with little wow factor. Then there was the Saddleback interview where McCain was the clear winner, followed by the Obama extravaganza where tens of thousands of people crammed Mile-High stadium and more wished they could get in to be a part of history. Then that was trumped by McCain’s pick of 44-year-old Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska. Wow! One thing is certain: there will be an inexperienced man in the Oval Office on January 20th or an inexperienced woman one heartbeat away. Both men have defied their respective Parties and taken destiny in their hands and held it to this point. Both will leave politics changed for the better. Both have made history.

The media will now divide its attention between the two candidates and their running mates. Both will be motivated to name wise advisers, who will be there to make up for lacking resumes and time on earth. Both will shake hands and put forward their platforms and philosophies and strategies. “We the People” will ultimately choose and I honestly can’t say which one will win based upon their transits. Both candidates have very difficult transits on Election Day. Both have some wonderful transits on Inauguration Day. This usually isn’t this difficult. Usually one has more wonderful…or worse transits than the other, but this time it’s a draw. The loser will leave the election with enormous power in the Senate and on the lecture trail. The winner will likely reach across party lines to the loser in a show of national unity. Election Day will be hard on both and the scandal mongers or PACs will throw plenty of dirt around. It’s up to these two men to remain gentlemen as they ask for our votes of confidence in their respective plans for the future of our nation and it is up to us to take our votes seriously and to consider carefully.

There is so much change in the air. It’s hard to imagine that Obama will not win. Biden’s chart looks pretty darned good for both the election and inauguration. Palin’s chart does not. I don’t know if she’ll make it through November. She is tough and driven, but Neptune lingers on her Sun, Mars and Saturn conjunction. The scandals have only just begun. It will take great effort to rise above them; however she is forever in the history books. If I had to pick one chart of the 4 as the big winner, it would be Joe Biden’s. The second is McCain’s, the 3rd Obama’s and the last is Palin’s. Obama’s chart looks good on inauguration day, so I’m betting that he’ll still be here no matter how many astrologers predict otherwise. McCain has some wonderful aspects, so I’ll say that he still looks good after the election and has great power even if Obama wins (and that sounds a little crazy to me as I write this). If McCain wins, I believe he’ll reach over to Obama. Obama will have great legislative power in the Senate…or McCain will! This is a really hard one to call, so I’ll end by saying I honestly don’t know by looking at their charts. It is really up to the voters to choose a philosophy and political plan for the future. It is up to us to insist our leaders embrace and create our destiny with us, not instead of us. “We the People” have an historic and immediate call to faith in the process.

It is not the stars, but “you” and “me” and “he” and “she” and “they” that ultimately reveal our destiny at this time. Both men are wise and able, but it is the people who choose in a democracy. We get to cast our votes for destiny and direct our thoughts so we are not trapped by the hands of fate. I leave you with the immortal words of Shakespeare: “The fault is not in the stars…but in our selves.” (Julius Caesar). I also end this with a reminder: This autumn may cycle between periods where you feel great personal power and those where you feel whipped like a dingy on the ocean waves. Through it all, we ask: “Am I in the grasp of the great serpent or am I taking hold of destiny with each choice, action and faith in the process of life and change?” This is history folks; it is now.
Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at or seen
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About Cynthia Novak

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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