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Cynthia NovakPoliticians and people of integrity rise to the surface and others fall hard. Watch for the facts and ignore gossip. Still, scandal is in the air and scandalous behavior stings like smog. Most of us have a particularly pleasant summer. Planets are scattered about the heavens, a little stress here…a little bliss there…grins. The simple things are more meaningful. We appreciate home more since we’ve seen homes flooded, burned and shattered. As for astrology, the first half of 2011 was extraordinary in the eyes of astrologers and astronomers alike. There was a large cluster or gathering of planets. They moved rather like a crowd does: Faster planets pulled away from one group and merged with another until finally they are free. In fact, most of us are breaking free from something in ourselves: Call it enlightenment or clarity of liberation from guilt. This summer we can dally where possible and explore what intrigues us. However, be aware of your actions, both past and present. The past comes to the surface when we least expect it.

Saturn goes forward as Jupiter turns back: This combination is generally good for business and growth. Saturn is the pragmatist and the guilder. He is the foundation, as well as frustration. Saturn appeared to stop and go forward at 16 degrees Virgo. Jupiter will stop at 16 degrees Aries in September. If you happen to have a planet in your Vedic chart at 16 degrees you are primed this summer for something big. It might be a great vacation or an interesting idea or just a calm sense that your life is built of strong stuff. Dust off that idea that got bogged down in the drama of this year. You are on time to get it going. A little stress stimulates creativity for all of us, but particularly folks with a personal (those you can see with you own eyes) planet in any constellation and between 13 and 19 degrees.

July Astrology Forecast

Happy Birthday USA! There is a Solar Eclipse visible in Antarctica on the 1st. There is a birthday party on the 4th and a month filled with productive days. Saturn pulls forward. Like a barge finally set free, Saturn leaves the cosmic marathon men Uranus and Pluto behind. This is actually good for a nice stroll into summer and into something that intrigues you. The eclipse path marks a place in the heavens for scandal. Notables and commoners alike fall from grace and are as shocking as a cuss word during Sunday Service. This is a central theme this summer. Ketu heralds consequences hidden on the Excess Express. This has been in the news since May. What marks this quarter is the final shift of several personal planets over Ketu and into the grasp of destiny. It is best to operate from integrity or take your karmic lumps quickly and often publicly. A wise western astrologer told me years ago that this point “takes away” what crosses it. It’s supposedly good for enlightenment, but that translates into stress that directs us to awakening. I hope we all “rise” to the occasion. I suspect that financial scandals won’t be the only ones…but they are big.

On July 20th, the planet Mars moves over Ketu or the dragon’s tail. Once Mars is fully over that point, he moves through lunar mansions known for hunting down those so consumed by desire their actions were an affront to the gods and to civilized man. This sounds like high drama and most of us will watch the news and wonder: “How did he presume he’d get away with it?” We need look no further than dictators and their bank accounts, but there are little dictators in daily life, too.

July and August are strong for scandal and stronger still for the revolutions begun this year. Ghadafi and Assan remain in the news as do other tenuous dictators. Yes, the world will send money to the revolutionaries they support. How will it go? Let’s hope intention is clear and the money goes down in history as well spent for good causes. For now, it’s difficult to see how it will end, but it will heighten this July and August. This is the beginning of new leadership in many of these nations and more.

August Astrology Forecast

Capital Hill went home for the August break, but the aspects of surprise and frustration follow them. On the 10th Mars triggers Uranus, a predictable combination for unexpected events. By the 25th Mars stresses Saturn and “We the People” are easily irritated and generally unimpressed. Politicians hoping for business as usual may find themselves in the middle of some tired constituents. Irritable transits are good for keeping the “us versus them” going. Expect plenty of padding to the reduced budget this fall. Soothe your own irritable mood—that’s the motto for the 2nd half of the month. Everyone wants a break from the political heat and while Mars and Saturn are stressed, it reminds us that the simple things are really wonderful. If you are in a mood to complain, keep it to a few good friends and even then, expect a mini-revolution if you insist on going over the old tired whine one more time.

Terror plots and tyrannical dictators remain in the news. We are fascinated by the courage of citizen revolutionaries. August is a volatile month. The President and congress thought they would have time off, but they could well be called back for an urgent session. Yes, the budget is an issue, but this could be a more international matter.

Mercury is retrograde from August 2nd until the 26th: Double check the facts and set aside some mental down time. It would be great to take a long leisurely vacation now. It’s hot and even in cooler climates, this is a month to slow down and let nature ripen the crops. Everyone wants a little personal space. The heat is a good reason to get out early or stay up late. However, many of us want to be alone and the retrograde Mercury period heightens the feeling. Folks who are introspective love these periods. Those who are double booked or chronically over scheduled hate them. No matter who schedules for you, keep humor at hand because plans will change and inevitably someone will go to the wrong place certain that they are right! Caution: Don’t lie. Mercury is the communication planet: With the transits this month, it is not the time to try to slip by on a little white lie.

September Astrology Forecast

Jupiter appears to stop and move backward. If Jupiter triggers your chart, you’ll feel opportunity, insight and a general sense of well being…call it your own state of Grace. Look for big news about the value of meditation and about the effects of stress on the psyche and the body. Also, watch for news about the impact of electronics on brainwaves and exciting new testing tools that read energy and the immune system. Pluto appears to stop in the heavens on the 16th. Watch Palestine. On the 29th Venus crosses Saturn and complicated relationships come to a productive compromise. I don’t know about the Middle East as a whole, but for individuals and nations the end of this month bodes well for compromise. It won’t last long. The elections are ready and scandal continues this fall. India and Pakistan are in the news. Mars triggers their birth charts. Born August 15th, 1947 to separate Pakistan from India, these two nations are united with very volatile birth charts. Mars triggers them through September and October. We hope for the best of Mars: decisive action in the service of the world and their people. We also hope for wisdom.

Love and Money are a little fickle, but don’t overreact until you get the facts. As the planets seem to kick up the dust of past indiscretions and greedy scams it’s hard to trust. Relationships are tested and by the end of this season some relationships and peace talks will fail, but many more will be stronger and more committed than ever. Online dating takes a backseat to in-person meeting. Yes, divine intervention is alive and well in social settings. Do you believe you could meet someone wonderful? Will you take the time to look around you? This summer is actually good for patient conversation with no goal other than to listen and share.

Business gets stronger. As we leave these months, the Market is tentative, but gaining. Businesses are growing and defense contractors are making a bundle in the midst of revolutions. We will look back on 2011 as a year when vast sums were reallocated to help birth new governments. Watch the financial news: it heralds growth for an exciting future.

President Obama has a series of Mars and Uranus transits: He will really want to be free and to have some time off, however, it doesn’t look like much of an August vacation. Scandal may surface, but he should rise above it. Former President GWB enjoys broad popularity.

Astrology Tip: Although folks talk about 2012, the aspects of the past 12 months were more intense and of concern to this astrologer. However, now they are past as we pull forward into something new. The Saturn-Uranus opposition is over and the economy is building. Expect more drilling here in the USA. Some folks are feeling the flow of wealth where there has been poverty. Don’t forget that.

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrology message at or see Come hear Cynthia’s talk at the Wellness Expo in Grapevine on Sunday, June 26, 2011 and the Wellness Expo in Addison on Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 11:30am entitled “Astrology & You”.

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Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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