The 80/20 Principle

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I perceive Life as a Grand Adventure! With enthusiasm and a voracious appetite to experience a variety of things in life, I have joyously, and sometimes haphazardly, expanded myself in many areas of my life. However, before long, more commitments, obligations, and responsibilities resulted in more to “manage” and suddenly life lost much of its sparkle. Streamlining my life through more efficient processes became my focus. With that being my intent, the Universe guided me directly back to the 80/20 Principle through a gift I received from a dear friend.

You can transform your life with a simple understanding of, and by applying, the 80/20 Principle which has been extensively written about in a series of books by Richard Koch.

The 80/20 Principle essentially says that 80 percent of results come from only 20 percent of causes or effort.

As an entrepreneur, I first considered what applying this in business might look like. How would it increase my overall productivity, and ultimately my financial bottom line? Simply identify what we’re doing that falls in the 20% category that’s producing our best 80% of results and then spend more time doing those things – not a new idea. But as I played with this concept related to business, and because my businesses are all spirituality focused, it caused me to have an integrated view – both spiritual and business in nature. That caused me to see my business options from my spiritual center. And then to consider what effects this would have if I applied this principle in my life from a spiritual perspective.

How does this principle look if we apply it to our individual spirituality? What if we consider this in relation to the experiences we are having? To our perception of our experiences?! What an idea!

That caused me to ask myself “what if 80 percent of what I’m experiencing is from only 20% of applied or deliberate, conscious thought?” What if I spend more time responding deliberately and intentionally? How would I perceive life then? And what results might that create?!

As we continue to awaken to our human potential, many people now understand, and are beginning to own, our co-creative response—abilities in applying Free Will with deliberate thought or intent. We understand better than ever that we create our experiences from thought. And we are learning how to do so more everyday.

Each moment we experience offers us opportunities to demonstrate who we think we are, our grandest version in action, and express what we believe. Each moment offers us opportunities to deliberately choose to operate from our Highest Self or to respond unconsciously (by default).

How much time or what ratio of our living experience, is spent from a consciously aware space of the “Observer” or “Centered, Higher Self” versus from default or our unconscious and reactionary spaces? Perhaps we could ask ourselves “how is my time divided living from the Ego versus Higher Self?”

In asking myself these questions, I found the Universe very succinctly guided me to answers I had been seeking in several situations I have been intending change in! By applying this principle in a more spiritual than business manner in my life, I’ve recently discovered:

  1. My intuition is far more “laser sharp” and flows with ease because I am staying in alignment for greater periods of time by being the Observer or Witness to my experiences. Decisions are easier because of this clarity.
  2. More often, my actions are taken from an inspired, rather than a reactionary place, which is an aligned action. This is producing higher percentages of intended or desired results in my life!
  3. I have discovered the areas I have been experiencing discord or challenge in are the areas that fall into my 80% or “waste of my energy” category! Here is where I have had the greatest opportunity for surrendering or letting go of wasted time and energy to allow a space for the intended or desired results.

I suggest playing with the 80/20 Principle in your life to see what else it could mean, such as: • What if 20% of what I think produces 80% of my experiences?! • Does 80% of what I experience derive from 20% of my efforts? • Am I spending 80% of my time noticing the 20% I dislike about my life? Or am I spending 20% of my time noticing the 80% I love?!

What would questions like this help you realize? What could it uncover, heal, and resolve in your life? Be light about it and play with this concept in various ways to really integrate its value into your everyday experience.

Life is rich and full of magic, wonder and joy. I’m certain that if we shift our focus from the 80 percentile to the 20, we’d discover that the magic, wonder and joy exist in the 20 percent! Shall we find out? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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Cheryl is a Clairvoyant in private practice and owner of the Dallas Psychic Fair, which is held monthly in Dallas.

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Cheryl McMillan

Cheryl McMillan

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