Feet in Both Worlds

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Offering trance sessions extensively since 1986, “the channel formerly known as Seán Michael”, hails from a heritage of psychics, travels through the States and Internationally, offering Visionary Guidance. CeAnn inspires Loving Allowance, Self Motivation, Intuitive Growth and the awakening of unlimited human potential. CeAnn channels a non-physical being known as Malachite.

Upon The DreamTime

thoughts beyond form reaching toward infinity
endless aches explore the marrow of my being
soon soon to lay it to rest?
and once again the true succession begins
beyond beyond time beyond mind
the walk amongst those
whom do not sleep drink or speak the touch
To The Dream Time
will you be there
eyes to the eyes that speak soundless truths
(excerpt from “Dancing from the Heart to the Mind – Destiny”)

Inevitably, this reality is as illusionary as one is willing to participate… transparent, as one is willing to see. Everyday, the illusion calls to us, tames the inner vision to view what’s in front of us and believe the inoculated thoughts, which permeates this stew.

What are you feeling now…?
I want to share some meandering thought regarding Feet in Both Worlds; saying feet rather than foot as our realities, multi-dimensional and 3D, are merging and morphing together more than ever. Each of us with our own entrainment, memory baggage, life experiences and indoctrinations are moving toward an ever-widening chasm – perpetuated by fear, separation and confusion – regarding our 3D reality, when in actuality all that’s happening about us is nothing new, as generations before us have had these same social and monetary collapses and contractions. What’s making it so tantamount for us? Maybe the fact ‘It’ is happening simultaneously for all to experience via technology and world communication AND the ‘veils’ are falling faster allowing us to feel each other’s experiences more.

Paralyzed yet? Why won’t you simply let go? Surrender, I Am with You…
There’s so much written, observed, spoken, heard, and watched; expressed by us and absorbed by us in every moment as quantum physics, body mechanics, kinesiology, and electromagnetism demonstrate. Though, are we creating the space — the breath — to allow this human dimension to drain off, to clear, so the parallel realities can be addressed and experienced? What if you could, while seated in this moment as you read this, simultaneously check in on your children, your stocks, have a conversation with your sister (not physically with you nor on the phone), acknowledge your deceased father’s presence, send a hug to your lover, dim the lights (without your iPhone) all without leaving the written word?

Beyond imagination, you remember … as a child, you did it all the time. I was with you… I have always been with you…
Obviously, if you are reading this article you subscribe beyond some beliefs or we wouldn’t be communing around this subject. The human experience appears to be breaking down, while the planet we call home shakes, rattles and rolls as we move ever closer to 2012. And, you’ve been on your awakened path ‘seeing’ and being present now for years, and if it seems stickier now more than ever, complicated and dense having feet in both worlds… IT IS OK; this is what is happening. Our civilization hasn’t circumscribed this moment before, though the entity we are has. We know it in our souls! That’s why waking up every day brings the ego a depth of: what’s next and a defense toward what catalyzes the mind; all the while, You are right on schedule. It’s been said we are Spirit having a Physical Experience rather than Humans seeking a Spiritual Experience… what if in truth it is: We are Consciousness having a Community Experience looking and feeling singular, simultaneously multi-dimensional. The question posed would be: What if you are ALL-WAYS in ‘both’ worlds, 3D and Multi-dimensional, demonstrated everyday by your conscious connections, intuitive remarks, psychic ‘coincidences’ and are simply excited to be distracted by this tangible sensorial reality surrounding you?

Remember as an infant, unbridled by concerns, doubts and fears, you were willing to absorb everything… Yes, Everything… and you still are
Please take a slow inward breath, and a slow exhale. May this find you feeling better in this moment, recognizing you are connected – rather than finding your path, Being the Path – secure in “I Am Always Connected”. Malachite (the label of a channeled frequency which shares through) often reminds, “Life is for your Entertainment Or you are Guided.” Maybe this reality is beyond something needing to be conquered, suppressed, or protected… just simply accepted. Sound too happy… too unattainable? Consider how you play in the multi-dimensional and what you think in this reality contributes to the community mind. Ask yourself some questions as you feel the polarized reaction beginning to well up: Where am I projecting from? If we are all connected, then there’s only the One feeling as you and me, and the separate you and me doesn’t really exist, correct? I have already acknowledged this moment or I wouldn’t be here, so now I can relax and watch the play of consciousness pour through both you and me ‘being alert, alive, and attentive’.

Always and Everywhere I Am with you… Beyond mind Beyond body… the merge into a forever experience
The chasm we race toward, way beyond any of our human 3D attachments, is to narrow our perceptions of what we think this place is and isn’t. Recently, Malachite was asked about what it thought of parallel realities and living with a foot in both worlds; what follows next is what was said:
“Ah ah… living in both worlds. Most people consider this reality work and some consider this something they have to do. Sometimes the spiritual life, the unseen life, is the hard work because you have to create the space for it. The most difficult thing is not living in two worlds… it is accepting the fact they are simultaneously always with you…To live in both worlds is to accept both worlds, and truthfully the only difference between both worlds is the body. Your conscious and unconscious minds exist simultaneously, so how do you know (this reality) exists? Because of Shape and Form. The real question is: how do you live in both worlds? You have to accept your participation. There is such beliefs system gathered around participation… that you have to do something differently, you have to meditate, you have to connect this way, you have to be in this state of mind where it is bliss, where it is love… another illusion painted that separates both worlds. What separates both worlds? Belief.
So, what is going to happen if you realize that this physical reality is just here because of the physical body; contemplate it. Where would you be if this physical reality wasn’t here, what would you be! The most difficult aspect of living physically is just that: living physically… the perpetuation of motion. What is the only thing that’s fluid and balanced so you would be able to stand confident as a participant in parallel realities? Energy. So when I say minds think and bodies feel, a more provocative question might be what’s thinking, what’s feeling. Human beings know they exist because they are having the same reality each time they come into awareness. I will say that again: human beings know who they are or experience themselves as they are because they keep coming into the same reality, the same personality: they got the same clothes, the same people around them, so they become identified by these markers. The true question is not who are you, but what are you… Energy. You are energy that encompasses and is part of the powering link to the physical form. You are an energy that fills space: however, whatever, you want to be. The easiest way to be in both worlds is to acknowledge both worlds. To acknowledge there is no difference between both worlds except the body. You are always in both worlds. It is not something you start or stop; it is not something you can control. It is something you define, it is something you limit and it is something you have beliefs about.
Here’s a simple exercise for bringing all your parallel realities here and now: It starts verbally like this: I AM SITTING IN THE SEAT; I AM NOTICING THE FORM BREATH. Then take a couple of deep inhales and exhales. I CALL ALL ASPECTS OF WHAT I AM HERE AND NOW. And as you call it all here, the next part is physical: using your palms… Left Palm covers the heart center and right palm covers the solar plexus, drop the shoulders and sit back, relax and just sit with that for a while. Eyes open or close, it does not matter. What matters is that you are engaging with the physical body. Simply allowing yourself to feel how truly large you are; how your consciousness encompasses so much and the body is the way station, the playground for here and now. When you are done just move your hands from your body and notice how you feel. It is that subtle; it is that simple. Yes…”
Sometimes reading channeled passages aloud helps integrate the information. Thanks for stopping by and letting our realities dance together as one.
Peace on your Path, Ce Ann (c)2011 Visionary Guidance

here is sound…?
shrill and peaceful, thunderous and deserted
making its way through the veins of my discovery
where do i go from here?
sounding the peace, responding to the thunder
i am capsized…?
breathing in the shallow waters gasping for depth
am i waiting?
expressionless, i am watching me, watching the eye,
watching madness circumcise the head of intelligence,
while an ego laughs bittersweet, bittersweet… too much to savor,
i spit up undigested bits of god only to swallow more… more
and breathe in the spinning delight of unmeasured source resourcing itself as me?malachite tells me a story
the winds are silent only to howl in the busyness of a mind
thoughtlessly i proceed deafened only by the nonchalance of awareness
(excerpt from “Dancing from the Heart to the Mind – Destiny”)

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Tony is a business strategist. He publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In his spare time he reads about technology and the mind.

About the Author

About the Author: Tony is a business strategist. He publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In his spare time he reads about technology and the mind. .


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