Your Winter Stars: Astrology Forecast (Winter 2012)

Written by on December 22, 2011 in Astrology

Welcome 2012! We’ve been waiting for you and I couldn’t be more excited to see a New Year arrive. It’s a year filled with financial opportunity and political debate that ends with a new plan and likely a new man in the White house. The first six months have powerful Mars transits that keep business moving, but are also good for aggression. It is important to be aware of events in the world without being anxious or wary of them. It is also good to pull away from the computer when the Uranus-Pluto transit compels you to plug in for more and more. The gift is the perspective of Saturn. We are in exciting times, but all times in history were exciting. The stress comes from fear of the future so roll up your sleeves and build something.

Saturn is exalted, which means the planet of strength and endurance is particularly happy to roll up his sleeves and lend some sweat to the equity of the future. Saturn first moved into the constellation Libra as the Super Committee ended in a political stalemate, however, that didn’t stop money from moving. Within 2 weeks the Market went up along with consumer spending and there was a tax deal that sent it higher. Throughout this season Saturn remains strong and in a good place for business and optimism. In June of 2012, our President will rework his plan for the future. It’s tempting to jump ahead, but we don’t want to miss any of Your Winter Stars.

January 2012 begins with Jupiter, the optimist, moving forward. He’s ready to make political and legislative hay of seeds planted late in 2011. Saturn anchors Jupiter at the beginning of the month, but soon Jupiter charges ahead. This should be good for jobs, construction and mortgage loans. As Mars appears to stop in the heavens and move backward late this month, politicians are frustrated, but something compels them to help move us forward. Caveat: The apparent retrograde or backward motion of Mars, the planet of business, could mean that things are delayed until July when Mars finally leaves this place for about 2 years. I suspect we’ll see movement this month with more this summer and fall. These are exciting times. The dark side of Mars is anger and confrontation…even war. Watch for aggression at every level: Whether it’s on the playing field of sports, work or the battlefield. Jupiter appears to stop so all month he is sitting in the same place. This can be lucky for you, however, here is a caution for Jupiter transits: Although you’ll want to bet your winnings, Saturn faces Jupiter and says to save some. Saturn is stronger, but if you bet it all, then your winnings are fleeting. Best luck comes when you invest and save. This is true with love, too. Invest in a solid relationship, but if you’re not willing to move, then you might be waiting alone.

February begins with plenty of relationship drama not just on Valentine’s Day, but in the very first days of the month when Venus faces Mars. Retrograde Mars is stuck in the past. That may literally play out like a series of planetary actions and reactions. Women look at men and ask for action. Saturn faces Jupiter suggesting a push for real commitment. Retrograde Mars lacks the oomph to commit. This could add up to an abundance of folks taking a little space. It promises to bring more folks out to see what or who is the best fit for now and for the future. The dark side of retrograde Mars is passive-aggressive behavior. The good thing about the Venus opposition: We see what’s up and decide with our time and ultimately our allegiance. It should make for some estranged bedfellows and a call for a clear platform or commitment in later April after Mars goes forward again. This is true for politics and international relationships, too. The political arena is much more volatile with outside nations influencing actions. If your romance has too many outsiders stirring the pot, then you’ll easily see that they will be part of your future. The month is great for clarity; what you see is what you’ll live with. Would you want this for your best friend or child? If your suitor can’t decide, the push of Jupiter to Pluto first and later to Mars may well lead you to bid “adios Adonis”, as you may decide that you want someone with more substance than physical form. Yes, wisdom does win over ego…grins.

March: This month is all about love and money. On a simple or shall we say private level, the Market moves on optimism and we have loads of that. It’s a gambling combination and it is fraught with high rollers with high hopes. It’s hard for Saturn to remind us to save some. We can’t hear him over our excitement for today. I expect a passionate surge of public enthusiasm for a candidate, too. President Osama’s healthcare legislation comes under the Supreme Court’s gavel until the end of June. This is the perfect balance of Saturn and Jupiter. Is it the law or is it belief? Is it right or do I simply wish it were? March and April are great for his potential opponents, however, they need to bring their respective plans for the future of the nation. Sound bites and irritation are entertaining, but a serious debate is a wise investment for voters. Money is in the air and it’s not about money lost, but about potential. Plenty of it is moving to candidates’ coffers. Venus Joins Jupiter and they are indulgent planets. They trigger Pluto and eventually Mars. Mars is still rather reluctant to dive in, but something is happening and there is something in the wind that might just catch the emotions of the people. There is also the war or anger side of Mars. I hope there is no new war in the air, but with the actions of Iran and revolutions in several Arab nations, the dogs of war are howling.

Lucky You! If you happen to have a personal planet in Vedic Aries, then you feel the optimism of Jupiter all season. In March, Venus might just tip you toward romance, a new job and, yes, even a fresh philosophy of life. Pull out your chart and see if you happen to have a planet near 6 degrees of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius in your Vedic chart (which is 1 Taurus in your Western chart). If so, then you have great potential to transform your life so choose your actions and reactions wisely. This is only the beginning. Anchor your enthusiasm with Saturn’s wisdom and this could be the best new beginning ever. We all have the opportunity to use this great combination. As Jupiter moves forward to catch Pluto and Mars in the first half of 2012, this energy enlivens all of our lives. Saturn faces Jupiter and we do what we must with the knowledge we have. Like President Clinton, we give up something for better health and perhaps a longer life. If you happen to be directly under Jupiter’s optimism and face Saturn’s wisdom, then you have it just a little easier and can show us how to leave resentment behind and embrace our gifts. I mean that literally. The luckiest of all are folks who embrace the power of their own choice to live a full life each day. That takes the best of these planets and we all have access to them now.

President Obama has very stressful, life-transforming transits in March and April with relief at the end of June. Ketu (karma) pulls off his Moon. The Moon is our emotions in western astrology and our perceptions in Vedic. The President’s moon is very likeable, however, it doesn’t look as if he’s enjoying his success. His moon line runs through Washington DC. I anticipate problems with his healthcare bill, but that he will be happy (more than just relieved) when the court rules. I am saying that it will be a mixed bag and that the legislation will need to be changed in some form before it can move forward. I do not believe it will be ruled as being totally against the constitution. This experience will alter the way he perceives the world, politics and this nation. What the President decides to do in terms of running or not running again is up to him. The transits are truly wild cards. It is possible that “We the People” will see an incumbent not run for personal reasons. I honestly don’t know. I wish him well and hope that he has the best advisers in the world to help him navigate the nation and not just run for office. We’ll see a man who appears to transform before our eyes this summer, however, the winter and spring bring heavy burdens of responsibility and trust.

Politics aren’t everything this year…but they seem to be everywhere. Newt Gingrich is rising. I have no confirmed time of birth, but do have 11:45 pm. If that is accurate, then we should see the former Speaker of the House continue to rise. He and President Obama have a very potent connection. The President’s Moon (or his perceptions) and Speaker Gingrich’s Mercury (or business planet) are in the same place in the heavens. At this time, both men of opposing parties can literally shed the karmic debt encountered in their success and work together. That is a lofty hope, but it will literally free both and could bring the nation together. It triggers Romney’s chart, too, but not as powerfully.

I would love to watch them debate or better still, just sit and explain their respective plans for the nation. Speaker Gingrich (assuming his birth time is accurate) is in a very successful master cycle for political success, however, he has a tricky chart. He rose and fell and rose again over the decades, however, he has a practical vision worth listening to. I don’t know if he’ll make it to the nomination, but I do expect a very lucrative few months for his campaign. Greed is his weakness, as well as his relationships. However, with Ketu at the very front of his chart, he is difficult to frame in a simple picture. Ketu came of age by age 50 so when he says that he is a better husband now than he was before, I believe him. I also know that it is very difficult to “see” a person born with that placement. That alone makes him interesting.

Since Ketu has come of age for him and since Ketu is crossing his business and communication planet, as well as President Obama’s Moon, I see them facing off. I hope they work together as the nation needs them, but in a 2-party system that isn’t likely. Instead the most we can hope for is a debate or discussion. Ketu helps us shed our karmas and is great at revealing the foibles of the ego. I do not believe it is an accident that they are both on the national stage as “We the People” must decide which direction to take this fall. Scandal follows both men as we enter the spring. Romney may well reap the rewards.

Iran: I have Iran’s birth chart as 2-11, 1979 at 2pm. This is when the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power. In light of Iran’s arrogant actions and the painfully reminiscent Embassy burning, I pulled up this chart. It is a great chart for self-destruction. Pluto on the point of physical body (in this case the physical nation), with this sort of arrogance, and Iran’s defiance of the world’s agreements, takes my breath away. Furthermore, we can add to that their potential for a nuclear weapon. (I’d bet on it with their actions and transits). Add to this the transit of Uranus (an unexpected transit from home, in this case the mother land) and I believe they are ripe to blow or implode. Looking at their president’s chart, I see that Mars will appear to stop on his Jupiter in January and I fear that his hubris will make even more action then and in May and June 2012. This is not a passing mood, but a passionate and aggressive action. I suspect and fear that they believe (Jupiter) that now is the time to rise up (Pluto) to take their rightful place on the world stage as an opponent to the Western World, which started with the British Embassy. I fear that Iran wants to be the Islamic nation to gather the Arab nations together against a foe. It will backfire against them, but in the meantime, their hubris is potentially destructive for many others. And, it will play a role in the election of our next president.

President Obama’s chart is hit by the same powerful transits. His Mars, the planet of action and, yes, of war, trigger’s Iran’s chart and, yes, Ahmadinajad’s (whom I disrespectfully refer to as “nutjob”). I do not envy the President the next few months. As I edit this, I heard that Iran has a US drone. Mars is sitting on Iran’s Saturn and pulling onto its Rahu. This is big and part of the first of three powerful swings over potentially perilous planets. A nation has a birth chart and the Sun in that chart is the leader. Neither “nutjob’s” chart nor the nation’s chart shows any sign of restraint or compliance.

The Republican Players: Don’t count Perry out. The Mars transit I mentioned in Iran’s chart is a big player in Perry’s chart. I expect to see Perry rise and fall as Mars triggers him in Dec. 2011 April and June 2012. He’ll find the wisdom of his Saturn or be gone, although he is not leaving anytime soon. One thing is certain about Perry’s chart: He believes he is the right man for the job. His national position will rise in June, but I don’t know if he will be the nominee. The stress of Mars on his Saturn and Moon may be a struggle between Perry, the man and Perry, the candidate his handlers want him to be. This will either bring voters to him or push them away. I don’t think we will know until this summer.

Romney’s chart is also triggered, but he will make a more measured response. Romney’s own Sun faces the President’s Mars. Both will face off as the leader and potential leader of the US. Romney takes the challenges and balances them with fortunate transits. He’s in for the long run. Gingrich will have the most carefully thought out and researched response for Iran if the time I have for him is right. It will also have a huge impact upon his image. Saturn is strong. We get to see the men and their plans for the nation. This is exciting on every level.

I hope you will check back for more exciting news of 2012. This is the year we’ve been waiting for. There is a big party at the end. I hope to see y’all there.
Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message or see Come hear Cynthia’s talk at the Wellness Expo in Addison on Sunday, October 16 at 11:30am entitled “Astrology & You”.

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Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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