Your Spring Stars: Astrology Forecast (Spring 2012)

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On your mark. Ready to reset? It’s time to reload…let’s go! We begin this season with Mercury retrograde, but about to go forward. Mars also begins to move forward on April 13th. Then Venus moves forward, takes some time to reflect on love and money in the past, then moves forward again at the end of June. There is no better season to dust off your plans for the future, while learning from the past. Venus and Saturn are strong all season. Anchor your heart in real-life commitment and build your life and love on solid and fertile soil. The season begins with us “getting real” while we reload and get ready to go forward. The only caveat: be generous with your heart and your resources. If you are acting out of greed, then you may fall quickly from actions past or present. That’s Saturn for you: he reminds us that life in a body is limited, while simple gifts are limitless.

This season, reboot your resolutions and reload your optimism. Mars has been in the constellation Leo (in Vedic or crossing from Leo to Virgo in the western Zodiac) since November 1, 2011. If Mars happened to hit your personal planets, then you are ready for a break, maybe even a breakup, but probably not a breakdown. Mars is all about action. Some folks took up a sport and are now more proficient. It is tempting to really push it, but there is nothing quite like a strain or a sprain to slow you down. By the end of this season, many of us have learned how to listen to our body no matter how seductive adrenaline can be. You see, we are relearning aspects of love, money, passion, and persistence. The dark side of this season’s Venus and Mars is denial that the body or spending really does have limits.

April brings the promise of life. Venus enters the constellation Taurus where she is oh, so, comfy! She is the goddess of love. She has a weakness for sweets and is known historically for her vanity and jealousy. That hasn’t changed much. Only now we celebrate the “skinny body”. What is a goddess to do? Well, she can dust off her ego and enter the world full of confidence. Mars appears to stop in the heavens on the 13th and then move forward. That means that he is literally standing still all month. There is an alternative to starving for months; you can dust off your dancing shoes and get moving. The combination of Venus and Mars energy lends itself to the push-pull, lead-follow dance of the sexes. I didn’t say which gender was leading? but it is important to get moving. It is a great month to reset your metabolism.

On another note: Mars is not happy about doing taxes. He appeared to stop or “station” on Feb 13th. Folks will be late even with two extra days to file. By the way, these planets are really good for the economy and spending in general. Once Mars moves forward the economy gets stronger and should be good for retail and even resale. Yes, I mean real estate.

May is the month of the goddess herself. On the 5th, Venus appears to stop in the heavens and go backward. She isn’t alone. The Sun joins Venus in the constellation Taurus on the 14th and Jupiter enters on the 17th. Even Mercury pulls into Taurus on the 21st. Ketu, or the South Node of the Moon, is already there. That sets the stage for a Solar Eclipse on the 20th. When Ketu is involved it’s time to take care: if you turn your back on responsibility there is a karmic cost to pursuing your desires. Mercury is about communication. This spring we quickly learn the cost of our words and actions on our bank accounts. Not only Rush Limbaugh, but we all get a sense that words matter and there is a karmic price to pay for nasty name calling. With Venus, there is more charm, but the potential for harm and the consequences with Ketu are high. What is the antidote? Conscious, heart-centered communication or a sincere apology if you happen to do harm. Venus in Taurus can bring her very best. She is the planet, in Vedic astrology, that signifies the greatest or highest sense of spiritual consciousness and the depths of self-centered greed. Whew! Talk about highs and lows. Find your inner Mother Theresa and bring her with you when you go to the meeting. Can you be compassionate to “those” folks? What if they are voting for the “other” guy?

There will be loads of cash flowing to the respective political parties and their candidates. However, with Ketu in Taurus there are karmic strings that will become visible within the next few months. Many of them are already appearing in the news. However, for most of us, it’s a matter of what we earn and what we share. Venus retrogrades on May 5th, but will move forward on June 27th. Yes, she is still in Taurus and yes, we get to see her depths of greed, however, she is at her heights of selfless compassion. Would it be too much to ask politicians to wear patches to identify their benefactors much like Nascar drivers do? That wasn’t my original thought, but it would be the ultimate Truth in advertising for all elected officials. Unfortunately, it won’t happen, but it would be fascinating to follow the money and see where it ends up. The Retrograde Venus and the Ketu dominated eclipse may well bring out financial scandal within a few months. Sometimes retrograde planets are good at hiding or in the case of Venus, charming deception so skillfully that it sounds reasonable. It is time to ask and expect more.

The Solar Eclipse on May 20th is a total eclipse. It’s a big one. It occurs at 6:47pm CDT. It begins in Western China and travels to the Texas Panhandle. We should get a look. Nations beneath the eclipse path tend to be in the news for several months even after the eclipse moves into history. It is no surprise; these areas are in the news now. Hopefully the news will be positive and not all about China holding the strings to our economy or aggressive actions. Eclipse periods bring Market ups and downs. All that emotion is reflected in our faith or fear for the financial future.

June brings us back to face our resolutions and reboot our enthusiasm. Finally, things begun in late 2011 are coming to fruition. Rework your resume and push ahead. Folks are looking for new talent and appreciate your excitement. Mars will leave the constellation Leo on the 22nd. It’s been a long 7 months. Like the end of spring, he leaves behind those who didn’t fit and makes an opening for a new face: Reapply. Venus appears to stop in the heavens on the 27th, which suggests that long-lost lovers will resurface in this month of weddings. Is that a bad sign for a June wedding? Not at all! When Venus is strong, then it’s good for all sides of Venus. Keep an eye on your budget, but do find a way to look your best. Even when you are certain you know who’s on the guest list, you may be surprised by what your heart knows when your head long forgot. This is another strong month for finances: Money is moving.

Politics & World Affairs: Romney’s chart still has the best overall transits of the Republicans. Gingrich had heavy “karmic” aspects in March as did President Obama. “We the People” now look back at how each man handled his past. The irony of these races is how little we actually hear about their respective plans for the future of the nation. Once the big cash flowed in it seems the tabloid journal style took over. I would love to see each prospective President give his plan, but that seems unlikely so I’ll say that I hope for a leader who will do the right thing for the nation rather than his party. Maybe that’s Venus and Jupiter talking. Mid-May through June is the time when the candidates and the President will be tested on an International event. It is most likely to come from Iran. It’s tricky business to pick the next President. This election is unusually difficult. Obama doesn’t have the most wonderful aspects, but his feelings about the job are probably very mixed. I suspect that he would gratefully resign and move into post-Presidency status. In our society, that is where wealth and respect seem to find our Presidents. It would not surprise me if there were more surprises as the election moves on. As I write this Santorum is in the news and gaining. Unfortunately, I do not have his time of birth. However, I do not believe he will make it through the primaries. Uranus on his Venus suggests a big surprise, but the nature of Uranus is innately unpredictable.

I suspect more bluster than bombs from Iran and Israel, but the final pass of Mars through Leo on the President of Iran’s Jupiter is an arrogant and daring transit. It also triggers President Obama’s chart. Iran will push him and he will respond.

Obamacare: as I write this I do not know what the Supreme Court will rule. I suspect that they will revisit the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care legislation at a later time. I do not believe they will rule in its favor, nor totally against it. I do know that the transits for the President are very difficult and karmic this spring. However, in the summer he begins a new cycle. How he makes that transition and how he presents his vision for the nation will be very important. Romney has better aspects in November. I’m hoping the conversation will be focused on the good of the nation and not on the tabloid-ready sound bites that the PACs will pour over us until the election.

Saturn is strong and wise and should help the economy grow. In politics, we all need the wisdom of Saturn to endure the spin without being swayed by tabloid-like lies. Saturn is a truth teller. It is time to clearly follow the facts and to use the word “lie” wisely when it applies. We each must expect or demand facts, no matter how weary we are of the deluge of discrepancies.

I hope you will check back for more exciting news of 2012. This is the year we’ve been waiting for. There is a big party at the end. I hope to see y’all there.

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message or see Come hear Cynthia’s talk at the Wellness Expo in Addison on Sunday, April 22 at 11:30am entitled “Astrology & You”.

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About the Author: Tony is a business strategist. He publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In his spare time he reads about technology and the mind. .


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