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The practice of meditation is simple easy and available to everyone. It is as easy as breathing in and out. Using meditation as part of your daily routine bring reduces stress, restores emotional balance, provides clarity, and can be act as a catalyst for healing in any area of life. Meditation is essential in the development of intuition and raising the awareness of your Spirit consciousness.

The practice of meditation is personal and limited to each individual. One of the most important preparation steps in practicing meditation is to let go of your expectations. Most people give up before they really give themselves a chance. Every meditation practice is different. In some sessions, you can leave feeling wonderful, refreshed and enlightened. Other sessions, may leave you feeling as if your mind would not rest. This is part of the process in meditation.

Mind chatter is a common concern for everyone who practices meditation. Most people say they cannot meditate or quiet the mind. With regular practice, meditation decreases mind chatter and assists in disciplining the mind. Our mind is a wonderful mechanism in the human experience. Once we learn how to use the mind, instead of reacting to the mind, we experience peace. We can relax, have fun and enjoy the experiences in meditation, however it manifests.

Breath awareness is a very important technique used in any meditative practice. When we become aware of the breath, it brings out attention to the body and our senses. This will take the focus off the mind. In this day and time, people ignore the body, push it to the limit and ignore what it needs. With meditation, we learn to slow down take a few minutes to catch our breath, come back to the body instead of the mind, we experience peace. Increasing airflow to the body relaxes the body, and energizes the spirit within. Most people who are “stressed out” use shallow breathing. This causes stress on the body. When we practice taking a deep breath when upset, we open the space between the thoughts and emotions that have us trapped in the moment.

This practice will assist you in thinking before you speak and calming the emotions.

Getting started with meditation can be confusing because there is so much information. I recommend that people use a guided meditation to get started. This is helpful to “know what comes next.” Keep your practice on a regular schedule if possible. It is important to “show up” for meditation practice with an open mind. This accelerates the effects and experience.

Intuitive, Medium and Spiritual Teacher
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About Jennifer Farmer

Jennifer’s abilities are totally natural, and continue to evolve and strengthen. She is genuine in her concern for the well being of all her clients and with a delicate and sensitive touch, she’s able to shift and expand the awareness in her clients. This shift is not only healing, but also empowering and life changing. Often the net result is that clients walk away with a new found sense of emotional balance and peace of mind. As part of her ongoing development and training to enhance and strengthen her psychic and mediumship abilities, she continues to study new teachings and regularly attends workshops, including the Arthur Findley College in the UK.

Jennifer’s insights, abilities, and intuitions can be seen and heard on great websites like,, the Wellness Expo, and the Dr. Pat show.

“What most excites me about Jennifer’s reading style is that she integrates both ‘psychic insight’ with ‘spirit communication’ for an information-packed reading that gives us answers and direction from both sources. Her ability to read energy (as a psychic) and her ability to receive messages from spirit (as a medium) provide us with the desired guidance we seek that we might not trust from our own intuition.” Bob Olson – Editor,,

“Jennifer’s guidance and meditation classes have brought me a great sense of peace, stress relief and healing. 2008 was a rough year on my family but with the help of Jennifer’s guided mediations, my husband and I were able to cope, grow together, navigate through our grief and move forward in a healthy, spiritual way. Her classes have led me down a path to a deeper, more spiritual level, and meditation is something I have come to need in my life and look forward to. Jennifer truly is a benefit to anyone who is seeking healing from grieving, illness, physical pain, emotional struggles, etc.” Kim Tracey Grapevine, Texas


This is the easiest forms of meditation. Relax and keep it simple.

This is the practice of BEING instead of DOING

This will raise your awareness and shift your consciousness

  1. Stop what you’re doing
  2. Bring your attention to the present moment
  3. For a few moments, notice your breathing without changing it
  4. Breath in a little deeper and exhale naturally
  5. Listen to the sounds around you
  6. Feel where you are
  7. Get quiet
  8. Relax and take another breath in and let go on the exhale
  9. Allow yourself to BE where you are at this moment
  10. Let the calm and peace of the moment embrace you
  11. Smile and enjoy the energy within you..

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