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Welcome 2013!  The winter months are cold, dark and deep.  Even in Texas January is the coldest month of the year.  There is no better time for a planetary push. It’s a great time to turn inward. We can clear out old thoughts as we cleanse the body, mind and spirit. Now, let’s travel through the planetary gatherings of winter.  The three big outer planets are off to one side of the eclipse path.  Jupiter and Saturn are like anchors; Jupiter holds our optimism and Saturn is pragmatism.  However, the faster moving planets, along with the Sun and Moon, will begin this season gathered around Pluto in January, Neptune in February and Uranus in March: Rebirth, reconnect release. Push through fear, take some time to find your faith, then break free from old chains and beliefs that held you.  This is a process and we can do it together.  The end of the world did not arrive, but a rebirth is here for all who want to participate.

January is full of Pluto energy.  Intense emotion pushes us out of where we’ve been.  It doesn’t need to be a big event, but the push is there.  It’s time to change; the gestation period is almost over and something new is coming.  Perhaps it is discomfort: Fear that if you don’t reach for change, then you’ll die where you are.  Perhaps there is some area of your life where you feel stuck or restricted.  Listen for the little voice that says:  “Try this!…look there!”

Jupiter is literally standing still in January. Jupiter expands whatever he touches, however, he can be too much of a good thing…grins.  Here are key words for each of the planets. There is more detail in Appendix B in my Daily Astrological Planner 2013, however, this will get you started.  If he sits on one of your planets, then you will likely experience Jupiter’s luck, over confidence, over indulgence and the reality awakening that follows. Jupiter is a very social planet. Folks with big Jupiter transits are attracted to others, but here is a key of how you might experience Jupiter on one of your planets:  Sun, ego; Moon, perceptions and emotions; Mercury, mental and hands; Venus, love/beauty and money; Mars desire and daring; Jupiter, indulgence and optimism; Saturn, practical and paternal; Uranus, freedom; Neptune, faith; Pluto, power; Rahu, don’t lose your head! And Ketu, the karmic price when you do lose your head.

In February the planets embrace Neptune, the spiritual planet. Meditation and prayer:  Mantras etc. all are strong calls to connection and inner peace.  Take a long walk, listen to soulful music and slip out of the yoke of perfection and move into faith.  Yes, even if you are the only one who can carry the load and even if you feel you are alone, you need to trust in something greater than your shoulders.  We step out of the Pluto story into peace.

In March, Uranus is the part of us that breaks free.  It’s easy to fear Uranus.  He is the unknown:  The accident, layoff or health crises.  However, Uranus ultimately helps us see where our thoughts are tangled and anxious.  What sort of anxiety? The notion that the future is woven with fear and luck…and the belief that we can make a mistake that will be perilous.  That can happen at times, and it is wise to be alert, but it is essential to quiet the mind so you can hear the call to action when it comes.  In March we notice where awareness turns into wariness and find our way to freedom. Fortunately, we have the Neptune practice in February to help turn this March into a month of mental liberation.  We really can work with our thoughts and come out on the other side and feel free. We really can face what life has to offer and not buckle under it.  Anxiety is not a useful tool:  It is a rather toxic habit.  Come with me this season as we ride the planetary transpersonal planets and move into freedom.

Throughout the winter, Saturn, the planet of wisdom, is quite happy in the heavens.  He’s like an anchor. He helps us use the Jupiter transits wisely and hopefully invest the luck. We begin January with Saturn at 15 degrees Libra in Vedic.  He’ll move forward to 17 and then he’ll appear to stop and turn retrograde on February 18th and end March at 16 Libra [that’s 9 – 11 Scorpio in Western astrology.] Here is how I like to think of the two systems.  Western astrology is a fabulous personality model.  Saturn in Scorpio can be a little testy: “I want my world to run according to my rules!” “You aren’t doing it right!”  As an influence, it can be a bit controlling.  However, the essence of the planet in Vedic astrology is in Libra, which is more cooperative.  Simply put, we want what we want, and when we don’t get it, as is usually the case, we go deep and flow with the process to greater peace and mutual success.  I like to think of this as the Western placement is our emotional or psychological response and the Vedic placement is the potential to really work through the emotion and build a strong foundation.

If Saturn is sitting on a personal planet in your chart, then you likely feel the weight of frustration.  It is a humbling time.  You try to push something forward and find resistance.  When we are young, we experience it as our parents.  As adults, it is often work or the consequences of past decisions.  Still, it feels like resistance. What can you do?  Put one foot in front of the other and inch forward. Even when it doesn’t seem like you are getting anywhere.  Acknowledge that you are vulnerable and literally do your best. Be as willing and cooperative as you can possibly be.  Trust me on this:  Saturn likes to feel productive.  His meditation comes often as tangible projects. Saturn reminds us that we are growing older and it is time to make changes.  The building blocks of the body are our cells.  This is a great time for all of us to reinforce them.  If Saturn is sitting right on planets in your chart, then you are ready to rebuild.

Saturn in Libra wants to cooperate.  I know, politics don’t look cooperative, but this is a great time to see the surface of emotions, call them discord, and watch the combination of need bring out the cooperative nature of Saturn.

Jupiter is virtually standing still in January.  He is in a place in the heavens that is, well, indulgent:  The classic big spender.  What is interesting is this is the placement of President Obama’s moon. It is also fascinating that he lives on his Moon line in Washington DC. However, he is a Saturn person, too.  Practical spending is important to him.  I know it doesn’t always look that way, however, he brings in both the Saturn and Jupiter energies.  I am optimistic that he will help bring the sides together, although I’m not sure how.  I do know that he is the President and he is where he is supposed to be.  How can I be so certain?  This is right where he is.  That certainty is the wisdom of Saturn.  His detractors will offer fear.

President Obama has a joyful and potentially foolish transit of Jupiter sitting on his Moon and a frustrating transit of Saturn stressing his Moon, his perceptions, aka sense of obligation and it stresses his Mercury, his planet of communication and business.  I do not believe that he is reckless and I do believe that he feels the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. However, I would be foolish if I didn’t mention here that Jupiter transits can bring out the reckless gambler in even practical folks. The question is not about him, but about our legislature and how can “We the People” pay Jupiter’s generosity and still pay down the national debt.  I believe that they will raise the debt ceiling again. [It may have happened by the time you read this.] I expect a plan to create more jobs.  We all know that the North East is ready for a rebirth after Sandy’s destruction.  He has the support of the electorate, the responsibility of the world and the freedom of a Lame Duck term.  Hmmm, what will he do?  It would not surprise me if he and his former opponent Romney had more work to do together.

How the Money Flows:  January is an emotional month and the market tends to move on emotion.  It is very volatile near Inauguration Day, which begins on the 20th, a Sunday, and continues through the 21st, a Monday.  Plutocrats are people of power and wealth.  They are doing well in January and no matter who won and lost…they are gaining. February is not much better.  The Neptune theme is illusion.  It is very difficult to predict where the money will grow.  March is also unpredictable.  Uranus is great for technology and new inventions, but it is also strong for unexpected events.  I am not an investment advisor.  I look at the emotions of the planets and while I do not see a market crash, these are very erratic waters, which require a wise and skilled captain to navigate them.  Many folks are literally siting on cash…and hoping they won’t have to retire soon.

Where the Love Grows:  It grows in the most surprising places.  We do our work and the inner voice quiets down.  We hear the voice that says “let it go!” “That’s not worth fighting over:  It is none of your business!”  There are the same old stories and the same old stuff. You’ll often hear me say “All God’s children got ‘stuff.’”

Regarding Love and Money:  It looks like luck and may come with a test.  Jupiter brings abundance and Saturn tests our resolve and practical use of it.  This isn’t just our legislature, it is us.  How will you invest your luck?  Will you spend it today or pay down your debt?  Will you follow your desires in love and romance or will you choose a partner you can live and grow wiser with?  Grins. Funny thing, this winter we are woefully aware of their stuff and the futility of demanding change.  And we also have the blissful joy when we notice that it doesn’t really bother us.  That’s the gift and why many folks will either stay or go, but do it from love.  Does it sound too good to be true?  You are right on time for Winter 2013.  Hey, we’re still here, let’s make the most of it. That is a symbol for us, too.  Can we bring our big ideas into practical action?  There is no better time to begin a meditation, prayer and exercise practice.  Find a time to put them in where you will enjoy them.  Let’s get creative.

Cynthia is the author of the Daily Astrological Planner 2013, which is available as an ebook and in paperback on Amazon. The book contains an entire year of monthly central themes and daily messages. It has been published as a Daily Planner. Find out what Cynthia forecasts for 2013 in this amazing book.

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message and future seasonal astrological forecasts at or Hear Cynthia’s talk entitled “Astrology & You” at 11:30am on Sunday, April 21 at the Wellness Expo in Addison.

About Cynthia Novak

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit

About the Author

About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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