The Holy Order of Water: Healing Earth’s Waters and Ourselves

Written by on December 11, 2005 in Books, Reviews

Holy Order of WaterHow interesting it is that the book The Holy Order of Water landed in my hands a week before the major hurricanes began to arrive on U.S. soil this past fall. During this time, I began to take notice of the power of water. Although I am familiar with Dr. Emoto’s work on the consciousness of water, I found that water had even more to say to us.

Comprehensive in scope, The Holy Order of Water, by William E. Marks, presents ideas about water on both the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels. Marks pays particular attention to how water can heal itself and also has the power to heal us. He includes fascinating facts and tales about water in our history, culture, environment, the universe and our bodies. He breaks the topics into five sections, including wonder, mystery, crisis, healing and hope. The beginning of each section includes a personal story that illustrates how water has affected the author’s life. He doesn’t leave a stone unturned, and this is demonstrated by his passion and research.

This 280-page book, complete with both an index and a bibliography, gave my intellect and spirit new ideas to ponder. In fact, it satisfied both my mystic and scientific personas by discussing amazing theories, such as “giant cosmic snowballs that bombard our upper atmosphere and fall to earth as cosmic rain” (Dr. Louis A. Frank, 1986, University of Iowa). Wow! I was also thrilled to find an entire chapter dedicated to vortex energy and water. The power of this spiraling symbol had been making its way into my life during the past few years, and at the time I read the book, also related directly to the hurricanes that were affecting our world.

If your eyes and heart have been opened to the mysteries of water, or you have begun to see water patterns in your life, I would recommend picking up a copy of this profound work. I have a sneaking suspicion that water has something to say to you, too.

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  1. Waterway says:

    Hello Kirstie – a websurfing friend suggested I visit Holistic Networker and read your review of my book, “The Holy Order of Water.” One of the best reviews I’ve read to date. Thank you for your sensitivity to being in the flow with water.

    May I suggest you post your review of my book on with a connection to Holistic Networker?

    Much more is in the offing for humanity and our relatiohship with water. I am sure you are aware of how civilization will succeed or fail according to our near term decisions relative to water.

    Blessings & light to you, William