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Welcome Summer! This is the end of fierce weather and the beginning of slow days and life-giving Sun. Well, that is true for most parts of the U.S. Here in Texas it is the beginning of early morning or late evening activity and a predictable weather forecast: Hot! However, no matter where you live, the planetary forecast is one of great personal growth triggered by focus on self for 2 ½ weeks and others or “beyond self” for the next 1 ½ weeks. What I am talking about is the Summer of Kala Sarpa Yogas: Where all of the personal planets are on one side of the eclipse path. For two weeks the Moon falls on the horizon and crosses the personal planets of drive, ego, emotions, perceptions, optimism, money, values, and structure. Then she takes a few days to rest before she crosses the powerful transpersonal outer planets in lunar mansions that help us reach for enlightenment. That process is often painful at first, but ends up feeling liberating.

The fastest moving planets will shuffle along and spend most of their time moving between Jupiter, the optimism planet, and Saturn, the reality planet. This goes on for the remainder of this year, but this summer we have the opportunity to look at what we want and why. Then we ponder the big questions such as why we are here and what on Earth it would be like to be somewhere else. We slide between gratitude and greed and have an opportunity for great personal growth. This fall we’ ll see if it is lasting. There are big, potentially threatening planetary aspects. Still, daily life is peaceful and pleasant. Whew! Now let’s get on with some of the pieces of this summer’s planetary puzzle.

July begins with the Sun facing Pluto, the planet of destruction and transformation, and triggering Uranus, the revolutionary planet. Could this indicate more than fireworks during the 4th of July holiday? Yes. Should you take great care on the highways? Absolutely! It’s too easy to be distracted. We must all be aware at public events, particularly where there is plenty of publicity.

July has Jupiter, the political planet of optimism, throwing his passion onto Saturn, the planet of structure, and Neptune, the planet of vision. I cannot tell you how many clients I’ve had recently, who are making big leaps. They are moving far and wide and literally going where they are led. What is fascinating is that many of them are in their mid-60s to ’70s. However, there is no reason to wait! Things are falling into place and that energy is available to us all. July is pretty good for romance: Mars pulls up to Jupiter and we get a sense of excitement. The sad part of this combination comes when those who are in long-committed relationships give up suddenly. Before you leap, it is best to examine your thoughts. Think about what you are leaping from …or hope you are leaping to. Expect there to be plenty of venting. As we leave July behind there may well be a move to support rebels from Syria and elsewhere.

Retrograde Mercury until the 20th: Think twice before you speak and reflect before you respond. This retrograde period finds Mercury in his own constellation Gemini. He is not alone. He’s part of a gathering of planets including the Sun, Mars and Jupiter. As Mercury moves backward we face the reality of our excess, spending or emotional beliefs. You might say this is a strong combination for violent reactions to ideas. Hopefully, that is not the case. We are wise to vet out our thoughts before speaking. There is no better time to assess our own thoughts about “them” while we are chastising them for being excessive.

August arrives with Jupiter and Mars together. They are optimism and action combined. That sounds great, but they are in a lunar mansion that is all about howling to right the wrongs in the world. Yes, you can expect more scandals, leaks and whistle blowers. That is why I suspect that the US will do something big to assist rebels, who have fought the good fight and are struggling. The call to action grows louder through July, the month of our nation’s own historic rebellion. With Mars facing Pluto and triggering Uranus, something is abuzz and perhaps legislators will come together before the August recess. I do not pretend to know what is right or wrong, but these aspects suggest that it is very difficult to look away any longer. There is plenty of heat as we move through August and it is not just from the Sun.

Will the President want to look away? Probably: Neptune triggers his Moon and he more than anyone would like to avoid scandal and make peace. That is why, if my planet-based hunch is right, it will be something really hard to avoid or turn away from. I sincerely hope that I am wrong and this is simply a time when we work within our individual wars and rebellions within our own thoughts. Pluto appears to stand still then turn retrograde in September. This is almost like a planetary clock that chimes unrest and war in the Middle East. Perhaps this year it will be different. Perhaps the Uranus-Pluto transit that seems to indicate a new vibration has already arrived. However, most likely it will be a difficult time as the call for freedom grows louder and the call to action does, too.

September marks the end of the Kala Sarpa cycle. This period has a powerful destiny quality. Since May, we moved between intense personal growth for 2 1/2 weeks, then were compelled beyond ourselves to see the pain and passion of others. Now, we swing out with Venus as she crosses the eclipse path and Saturn on the 18th. A strong Venus is good for compassion and empathy. Venus and Saturn get along very well, and the combination is strong for clear decisions. Expect a window to see the long term investment of time, money…and love. When we toss the eclipse path into the collective embrace, we find a month where many of us are pulled between what is a necessity, or a just cause and simply what we want.

Mars makes a stressful aspect to Saturn as the month begins. He pokes Saturn, the wise old curmudgeon, and tries to speed along his agenda. Saturn resists and points to the budget and questions what really is a need and what is a want. I’m not trying to argue the case for either of them, merely suggesting that each of us might experience a piece of this pie. Add to it international politics and investments and what looks like a snooker might indeed be one. You see Rahu, or the point of desire where the Moon rises around the Earth and crosses the eclipse path, is pretty darned good at getting you what you want. At least, that is, until you lose your head. Venus is a planet of charm. So as Mars’ suggestion is turned away, Venus turns her charm on the old, cosmic accountant, Saturn, and with Rahu distracting him from the vaults, we notice that we were charmed out of our savings.

For most of us, this will involve relatively small sums. Venus and Rahu are known for their combined notion that beauty is a necessary investment and all available resources should go there. This can be great for the beauty industry and luxuries in general. Even real estate grows. However, Saturn helps us all get on the train that says what we want is what we need and must have and that combination is tricky for money and for love….grins.

Love and Money are tricky this summer. Jupiter moved into the constellation Gemini in the Vedic zodiac in June. The Market has been good, but this is a delicate time. Saturn gets a little help from Jupiter, the optimist, and the economy looks good. The dollar certainly looks good in comparison to European currencies, but we still need practical stuff like jobs. This summer, Saturn reminds us that we are only as strong as our investment in the next generation….and by the way they are graduating now and need work. Saturn is all about work and while that conversation was sidetracked by gains in the Market, people need the foundation for their own futures. By the end of summer the concern for jobs is again big news. Overall, the stressful financial transits are balanced by the optimistic ones. The summer is more like a little ride in the Hill Country than a roller coaster.

What about love? We might be restless in July and look for another story with a better ending than the one we are in. As we leave September we notice that familiar and reliable are very desirable. Yes, indeed, Venus moves into one of her favorite constellations, Libra, and Saturn has been waiting for her to come back home. Rahu is there, too: He is all about desires. Expect desire to trigger dissatisfaction and end the summer grateful for old faithful. How dramatic will that journey be? It depends on how much you expect from the outside and how courageous you are on your inner journey. If you are looking for love, then be prepared to share the facts of your financial world, too. Be up front about what you own and what you owe. Saturn doesn’t like to waste time on illusion…that’s Neptune’s arena.

Let’s talk politics: I doubt that Attorney General Eric Holder will step down and will ultimately skate along on the periphery of his scandals. President Obama feels the weight of Saturn and responsibility. Saturn is a “Truth teller” and the “truth” of what ‘Obamacare” will cost individuals continues to come out. His biggest personal test comes in the Fall, but I will give you a hint: Mid-October to mid-November, with an emphasis on late October. Will he make it through? Yes! Will he feel very much alone in the company of his Party? You bet! However, wait a minute: We are talking about this summer.

The President has an aspect of Neptune to his Moon that is so long and lingering it is a theme that carries him through the year. All summer it is painfully strong. He likely feels that his plans have gone astray. This aspect is often associated with addictions or any activities that lift us out of the mundane and into an “altered” state. I am not saying that he is doing anything illegal. I suspect that he would really like to get away from something. Perhaps he’ll use music, meditation or exercise.

Neptune is great at keeping a secret and I will make a note to check his memoirs for the Summer of 2013. It seems that his best plans are swept away in a tide of bad dreams and perhaps a bellyful of despair in the fall. However, no one said the job was for the faint of heart. Faith often helps with these aspects. I wish him and all of us the wisdom of Saturn and the courage to challenge our thoughts before we howl our judgment against others.

This could be a Summer of discontent for all of us. It can be a summer of grace born of personal awakening, too. Expect it to be a test of what you expect of others…and what you are willing to give. Keep an eye on what it will cost you, me and the next generation. Let’s hold our politicians to the facts. I do expect more scandals, leaks and whistle blowers.

For more details of the planets, Lucky Days, Central Themes and how to apply them to your chart go to Cynthia’s website You can even schedule a personal session with her. She helps you remember why you are here and plan where you are going. She offers guidance into your personal growth and relationships, too.

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Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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