Interview: LaRue Eppler, author of Your Essential Whisper

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LaRue EpplerHow has listening to “your essential whisper” changed your life?
Fear and anxiety consumed me most of my life. I now experience peace where absolute terror once debilitated me. An intimate relationship with the Whisper is like having my best friend with me all the time.

Following guidance has helped me through the most difficult times. It gave me the wisdom and courage to raise my son alone and in ways that were unique to what his soul required. It nurtured me through my sweetheart’s suicide, giving me the energy and vision to keep going. It has earned me thousands of unexpected dollars simply because I as willing to follow its lead, even when my head told me I was crazy. The Whisper is the security that everyone is looking for, yet they may not realize that.

What led you and Vanessa to write this book?
In March of 2006, while relaxing at home, I had a sudden, deep and undeniable knowing that I was to write a book. I attempted to write for six months, yet nothing came. One day, out of frustration I surrendered and said to the universe, “If you want this book written, then you are going to have to write it!” A few days later I received a phone call from a woman in Michigan named Vanessa Wesley. Vanessa was one of my first students who trained with me in the mid-90’s.

Having been out of communication with her for about a year, you can imagine how surprised I was when she told me she was calling to offer to write my book; especially considering the fact that she didn’t even know I had been attempting to write one.

Vanessa hopped a plane to Dallas to interview me, thinking that we would write a book about a coaching/facilitation process I had developed. Through discussion, we realized a burning question begged to be answered — a question that’s been asked by countless people throughout the ages: “How do we really know we are hearing from guidance and not the voices in our head?”

Vanessa and I had both had life-changing moments when our inner voice introduced itself to us for the first time many years prior, and we realized that the missing piece for people is an everyday language that helps people know—with certainty—how to recognize, trust, and follow their intrinsic wisdom. We knew that a book on this subject was the book to be written.

What is your goal for your readers?
We fully intend for people to recognize, trust, and follow their inner guidance with complete and total certainty. It is also our aim for people to know that not only is Inner Guidance a possibility, it is a reality. Readers tell us that Your Essential Whisper (YEW) validates their own experiences with guidance and they feel greater trust and confidence in it.

YEW doesn’t simply tell you how to recognize inner guidance as theory; it tells you how you have already had the experiences and brings you back to your own intrinsic wisdom. This is how we know you can do it with certainty… you already have! When you find your experiences (The Six Distinct Ways) you’ll recognize its voice (sensations).

Can you tell us about your website and how the readers of your book can benefit from this?
We have monthly Book Club tele-conferences. Callers from around the globe can ask us questions, live and in-person. So far, we have readers from 8 countries and many are starting their own book clubs that we are calling Whisper Circles. Our special free members area website supports our readers providing supplemental audios, a beautiful 70-page downloadable journal, meditations and much more to take the lessons in Your Essential Whisper to new heights. They can access information about the Book Club at

People tell us how much they look forward to receiving our audio newsletter called The Weekly Whisper every Monday. It’s only 2-4 minutes in length and you’ll receive inspirational, thought-provoking, soul-searching stories to help you reinforce your relationship with the Whisper. You can receive your complimentary subscription at

How might the lives of the readers of your book be different as a result of the material you provide?
Recognizing, trusting, and following innate wisdom will save time, energy, money and maybe even your relationships. Some say it hasn’t totally eliminated challenges, but they have abiding assurance knowing how to access guidance, at will, as it advises them through difficult situations. And, for some, their Whisper has given them such keen advice that it has caused them to avert disasters of many kinds; financial, relationship, work-related problems, etc. For others, following guidance has opened doors to fulfill their life mission and purpose. By following guidance, you will align with the flow of life and stop wasting time, energy, and money putting out unnecessary fires because guidance was ignored.

LaRue Eppler is the developer of Evolutionary Kinesiology, a speaker, course leader, transformational facilitator and co-author of ‘Your Essential Whisper; Six Distinct Ways to Recognize, Trust, and Follow Inner Guidance with Absolute Certainty!’

In the late 80’s, La Rue was a sales director of a top US cosmetics company, but when the call came to reset the button of her life, she behaved with suitable adroitness. And so, after a decade of change and learning, La Rue found a way to know rather than just guess. Thus was born the Evolutionary Kinesiology (Evo-K), and the cosmetic makeovers had metamorphosed into an inside out makeover; Evo-K guides people through experiential processes to learn to hear, trust and follow the voice of their Soul and Intuition.

Based in Dallas, La Rue travels internationally delivering her exceptional blend of openness and wonder, teaching people to listen to their inner wisdom. She can be reached at 940-365-0220, &

Hear LaRue speak on Saturday, April 19 at 2pm at the Wellness Expo on “Does Your Soul Actually Speak?” LaRue will be available for a booksigning following the talk.

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Felicia co-publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In her spare time, Felicia enjoys reading and working in the garden.


About the Author

About the Author: Felicia co-publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In her spare time, Felicia enjoys reading and working in the garden. .


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