Mercury Toxicity and You

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I’ve recently noticed that there are numerous health problems coming from mercury toxicity. I test every person that comes into my office and about 50% of all patients need to detox mercury to improve their health (no matter what their complaint is!). I mistakenly thought I was above having a mercury problem (because I don’t have silver/mercury fillings in my mouth), but actually, I was tested two years ago and mercury was found to be a part of my chronic back pain that I could never get over. Now I feel fine after I put effort into detoxing out this troublesome metal.

So what are the symptoms of mercury poisoning? You name it. Mercury is a toxin, a poison. Depending upon where it gets stored in your body affects what your symptoms will be. For starters, mercury causes lots of chronic pain- especially pain when you don’t have a good reason for it (eg: no accident or perhaps an injury that should have healed a year ago, but still hurts). Mercury can cause headaches, back pain, muscle pain (fibromyalgia), bone pain, foot pain (plantar fascitis)…really any pain. Mercury can get into our brains or nerves and cause panic attacks, depression, crying, foggy thinking, memory problems, traveling pains, feelings like ants on our skin, numbness or tingling sensations. If mercury gets stored in the tissue around a gland that produces hormones, then it causes hormone imbalances. Mercury frequently has a huge affect on thyroid function. If your thyroid isn’t working right you can be tired, have sleeping problems, digestive troubles, hair loss, skin problems, or have trouble losing weight even when on a diet and exercising. Mercury can affect women’s menstrual cycles and cause fertility problems. Just about any weird symptom you can think of can be coming from mercury poisoning.

So where does it come from? Mercury can come from “silver” fillings you have or used to have in your teeth. Silver fillings are actually half mercury and it can very slowly leak out and get into your body. The brain, neck, and thyroid gland are all very close to our teeth so it isn’t too hard to see why there are lots of neck pain, brain problems, and thyroid problems with silver fillings. However, you don’t have to have silver fillings to have mercury poisoning (like me). Mercury is found in large, ocean fish such as tuna and swordfish. It’s in small amounts in all seafood including most seaweed. Mercury is used as an ingredient in a fungicide spray that is commonly sprayed on wheat after harvesting, as well as some fruits (and anything that might rot). So if you have had bread or pasta or an apple, then you might be getting leftover mercury-fungicide into your body. Mercury is released into the air when you burn coal (like here in Texas). Mercury has been used in vaccines. The mercury in a mother’s body can get placed into a developing baby during pregnancy. So as you can see, it can come from various sources.

So how do you test for it? There are several ways. You can have a hair analysis or do a blood test. Mercury is frequently stored in fat tissue so it won’t show up on a standard blood test. You have to take something to start detoxing it out of the fat for it to show up in the blood 24 hours later. A doctor familiar with this test can order a DMSA challenge and test for it. I much prefer testing through muscle-testing or Applied Kinesiology methods. I use this method because it is fast, non-invasive, and accurate (patients get better). I see so many positive tests for mercury in my office that I assume you have it until proven otherwise!

So how do you get it out? You can have IV chelation therapy done. You can get some out through sweating (exercise or saunas). In my office I test for what nutritional supplement is needed to help your body flush it out. These supplements range from Vitamin C (in large, supervised doses) to certain amino acids or other simple products. They get the job done. I expect mercury detoxing to take about two or three months with the correct detox supplement. It is important to have regular bowel movements during this process since mercury is 75% flushed out through the colon and 25% through the kidneys. Lots of fruits and vegetables plus fiber may be needed if you are constipated. Now don’t forget–your body may have more toxins in it than just mercury. There may be lead, aluminum, or other chemicals waiting to come out after mercury is done. Find a good doctor and get tested!

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Dr. Cone is a Chiropractor and Nutritionist. His practice primarily focuses on nutrition, ranging from colds to autoimmune disease. He can be reached at 972-880-8541 or visit
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Tony is a business strategist. He publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In his spare time he reads about technology and the mind.

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About the Author: Tony is a business strategist. He publishes the Holistic Networker and produces the Wellness Expo. In his spare time he reads about technology and the mind. .


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  1. smily says:

    Im 50 and have had chronic foot pain on a daily basis starting in my mid 40s. It’s very bad after standing just one or two hours. There is no reason for this pain other than abnormally high arches. I eat healthy–brown rice, vegetables, very little meat, olive oil. etc.

    Im thinking the ten or twelve mercury fillings i’ve had for 33 years might be the cause. How would I be sure?


  2. laura johnson says: