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Cynthia NovakWelcome Summer with long days and an occasional cool breeze. Things do heat up and it’s always a blessing to have a little personal space. That’s how the planets manifest, too! This summer they are nicely scattered around the heavens. If you find frustration, you’ll also uncover compassion, empathy and even humor! There are 3 eclipses: the perfect time to refine your personal relationship with yourself and develop a sense of balance between what you can control and where you need to simply let it be.

For some, the weight of the recession is enormous. For most, it is an opportunity to get finances in order and to give what and when you can. Astrologers often talk about Venus as the planet of love, beauty and money. However, she is also the grace of a compassionate heart and the desire to give. When she is strong in the heavens, we have a choice to stretch beyond self and give to others. If you have no money, give your time and lend your enthusiasm for the cause at hand. We start the Summer with Venus strong and Jupiter, the “optimistic believer”, sitting with Neptune, the dreamer, and Chiron, “the wounded healer”, who finds his heart is healed by giving. I can’t imagine a better summer to let complaints about the heat fade away among queries: where am I needed and how can I make this day better?

Who are these planets? Jupiter is a lucky, happy planet, who may overindulge, but usually can find something to believe in to help him get through life. If Jupiter triggers your chart, you should find the inner strength to pull out of the collective dismay. You might just find a way to be a big winner of something. Jupiter loves to do. He hates to diet and does better by adding more exercise…preferably something fun. Jupiter is big and wants the double dip with chocolate and nuts…not the plain low-fat version of life. Better get moving if he’s paying a long visit to you. No matter how difficult the circumstances are in your life, the gift of Jupiter is hope, faith and enough optimism to draw people and opportunity to you.

Jupiter isn’t alone: Neptune joins him in July. Neptune and Jupiter can be great for religion. If the Market flirts with optimism, Neptune can bring surprising highs and can bring up the price of gas and oil. Remember, this comes back around in January 2010. Jupiter with Neptune is innately creative. If it triggers something in your chart, it could be the height of manifestation or the depth of delusion. It is up to each of us to be aware and to swim when we need to in order to get back to solid foundations.

Saturn pulls ahead: Have you felt the weight of the ages on your shoulders? Do you feel palpably aware of your age or mortality? Are you more “sensitive” to the tick, tick, tick of time? Chances are Saturn has been triggering your chart heavily. In mid-September, Saturn should finally leave you alone. You may suddenly notice that birds are singing and the sky is blue on or about September 15th. Whew!

July: Venus lands in one of her favorite places, Taurus. She pulls away from Mars, the passionate planet. Venus knows she looks good no matter what size she wears and the feminine planet knows how to wear anything with style. This bodes well for shopping: merchants get a boost. However, it’s for things that last and have great quality, too. As long as Venus and Mars are close to each other, we are willing to risk both our hearts and our dollars. The last week of the month, Saturn tosses his dour opinion of it all into the mix. He’s always got something practical that needs your attention and your money: Probably your utility bills…Darn! Work hard now, get paid later. Or, invest in repairs now or be stranded later. You get the drift.

July brings a total solar eclipse on the 21st. It is only visible in Asia. It begins on the east coast of India and will be visible in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Then, it moves west through Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, China and Japan. These are already hot-spots in the world. When an eclipse comes through it seems to bring activity with it. If it’s newsworthy it is often chaotic. Generally, the time between eclipses is emotionally volatile. This time the solar eclipse is sandwiched between two Lunar Eclipses. The first comes on July 7th, the second lunar eclipse on August 5th. When you think of eclipses imagine emotional “stuff” highlighted in your life and your fears for the future broadcast between your ears. There is no better time than July to distinguish the difference between something real to be afraid of and something imagined that distracts you. It is so important to do your meditation or prayer to get down to the bottom of your fears. Life doesn’t guarantee us safe passage, but it is up to us to navigate our fears or succumb to them. For most of us, this is merely an opportunity to look ourselves in the eyes and choose a course for the future. It’s difficult because there is no way to know if the route we’ve taken is safe or treacherous. One thing is certain: the world is round and we’ll get where we need to go eventually.

The Solar Eclipse falls in a place in the heavens that deals with success. It pushes us out of comfort and helps us take a leap for the future. Simply put, if you are looking for a job, a relationship or a reason to get up in the morning, July offers just enough irritation to send out your resume or answer that personal ad. Things start moving with an eclipse and you might just find a better fit for you. Be patient with your emotional complexity and the moods of others. We have another lunar eclipse on August 5th at 7:38pm CDT. That’s a whole lot of volatility in time and space. We’ll each need a little extra grace when feelings grab hold of facts and leap. Yes, our world’s leaders are vulnerable to that, too. Breathe in your most conscious and gracious thoughts…until they become natural.

August: Will summer’s heat never fade? That lunar eclipse on the 5th begins the month with an extra dose of irritability. Better check the facts before you throw down the gauntlet. Lovers and corporations are renewing their commitments and if it’s time to call it quits, the end is clear. If you find yourself blissfully enjoying the minutes of your day, try to share that sense with others, but don’t be too pushy. Mars, the action planet, is stressed by Saturn until the 17th. These two don’t get along. Annoying but essential repairs become obvious and irritation is a part of life. If they happen to hit your chart tightly, you might lose your temper in the wrong place and time. The antidote for this combination is exercise and simple chores that need physical output. But it’s August! Unless you live in the Pacific Northwest, it’s too hot to exercise and way too hot to be irritated politely. However, that’s what makes it “service” or dedicated action or a form of mental discipline… Just put one foot in front of the other and get it done; do it again if necessary and know that you are not alone.

September: Mercury is retrograde from the 6th until the 29th. Pluto appears to stop and go forward on 9-11 and Uranus opposes Saturn on the 15th: Mercury retrograde periods send us inward to revisit old thought patterns and the forms as they appear in our lives. It is associated with missed appointments and mistakes. They culminate in frustration, irritation and cost us in time to redo work. The Pluto station may bring threats on the anniversary of 9-11. Expect heightened alerts. Travel will go slowly. When Pluto appears to stop in the heavens, it is almost like a cosmic clock striking a loud stroke in global hot spots. This is strongest during the week before and the week after the apparent stop. Be alert and “tuned in.”

There is no better time than retrograde Mercury to get the old car repaired or make certain you back up your work. The frustration level is high so folks inevitably lose patience with themselves and with others. Just apologize and move forward. Often, the miscommunication is so big there was no one who was right, but the desire to be understood or heard trumped a prudent response.

Finally, Saturn opposing Uranus is the astrological combination most associated with economic change of direction and restructuring. This began in November of 2008 and will continue through 2010. The aspect is very strong this month. There is no better time to look around at what you’ve begun and invest time, money and hope in the changes that are already underway. It takes time to develop different sources of jobs and gross domestic product. One thing is certain, the US is rich in resources and people. We have an abundance of land per person and a long history of innovative ideas and exciting responses to struggle. It is important to be prudent; Uranus likes to tear things down just so he won’t have to think about it or “them” any more. Saturn builds on slow, careful plans. When they face each other in the heavens, it takes careful diplomats to keep the balance gently shifting from side to side.

Obama Presidency: The Summer of 2009 finds him frustrated as Saturn, the slow moving taskmaster, crosses his Mars, the planet of action. This transit will occur during the first week of September. The reality of the snail’s pace of change in the nation’s capital is upon him and the frustration will be evident with his own party, as well as the Republicans. However, he has a trump card: Jupiter is a lucky planet for politicians. Jupiter brings momentum in the face of frustration and helps him spread optimism to those in the world, who are tired of the same old wars fought by opposing tribes. Jupiter literally sits on the ascendant or the threshold of his natal chart throughout September and October as the legislative branch gets back to work. It brings the “bigness” out in his spirit and the nation finds momentum of spirit, as well as in the economy. It is the gift of grace and the power to lead even through frustration. This is the momentum we need to grow the economy and he is a messenger faced with frustration and still riding the enthusiasm of a bigger picture and a vision of peace. His detractors will continue to discredit him. His policies will pull more to the center as the Marketplace jockeys for tax incentives, which they will get, and the giant ship of state will pull ahead. Not quite on the course he envisioned when he was free of the obligations and responsibilities of Commander and Chief, but still going forward. The Market can continue to grow into and through 2010 based upon the course set this September and October. Expect speeches and world meetings that will go down in history and expect opposition from militant and fundamentalist groups, who fear unity. Whew! What an exciting time to be alive!

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at or see

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Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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