Autumn Stars (2006)

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Cynthia NovakJust when we feared it would never end, the heat of war and the long-hot summer abated. Things always seem clearer in retrospect than they do in the present. Let’s imagine that we are looking back at this time from the future. Imagine what signs of change we might have to indicate that the world is coming to peace. It’s a stretch; look for them and see what you can come up with. For me, I’ll reach to Pluto.

Pluto, the powerful planet of the underworld, has been demoted. No longer considered a planet, he slips out of sight and mind, right? No! Pluto simply moves back into the underworld. His domain is transformation. He is the planet most associated with death: literal death and symbolic death. Isn’t it interesting that he is demoted at a time when more and more people seem comfortable with the thought of life after death? It comes in several forms from TV shows with folks like John Edwards to the assertions of religious and political leaders who speak about the afterlife, martyrdom and Armageddon. Finally, there are the folks who look at life as cycles: a series of births and deaths: Beginnings and endings with accompanying knowledge. Pluto may be off the A-list of planets, but his archetypes are everywhere and the world doesn’t seem ready to let him go.

Pluto was discovered in 1930 at the observatory in Flagstaff, AZ. Call it coincidence or divine synchronicity: the energy of the times as the three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered just so happens to match what was going on in the world. Uranus appeared during the Revolutionary period,

Neptune during the Transcendental period, and Pluto at the dawn of the Nuclear Age. While the archetype of Pluto is alive and well, the optimist in me can’t help but wonder if his demotion might just signal the end of the nuclear period. Perhaps there is something in the ethers that knows that we are near the end of an era.

The world certainly appears to be abuzz with nuclear possibility and international threats. There is much to fear just as there was in 1930. But maybe, just maybe, we will look back on this demotion as a sign that the world was about to evolve not devolve as it seems in the news. Perhaps the notion that the year 2012 is “the end of time” is really the end of a “way of looking at time” as one Mayan scholar suggests and maybe it’s the end of the nuclear era. It’s hard to imagine but maybe…just maybe….

The World seems filled with stress and both overt and covert standoffs. Neptune, the planet of illusion, is still a planet and Saturn, the planet of tangible action or the fear of it, faces Neptune in the heavens. These dancers will pull apart this autumn, but their impact on each other is felt strongly through mid-October.

The U.S.A.: Who is going to do what to whom? That’s the big question. How will our lives be impacted by those clandestine actions or international plans? The unknown weighs heavily on those who follow world events and they weigh even heavier on the leaders who are faced with critical decisions. History has cycles and the U.S. was a great experiment in 1776. Our leaders chose a Republic over a monarchy. They chose capitalism over socialism and the experiment has flourished. Now, we are at a crossroads.

We are dependent upon other nations and hated by some of another religion. Still, immigration ranks are filled with more people than we can accommodate, both legal and illegal. The Neptune-Saturn dance will continue for at least nine months. We may not know where things are going, but we will have to find faith in that unknown. We will also ind comfort in Saturn’s practical actions. It’s easy to hate “them” both there and here. It’s easy to blame “those guys” of “that party”, but it’s ultimately futile. The antidote is to relish the simple things in daily life.

As women, celebrate our precious freedoms. As pro-active people in a democracy, stop thinking about elections past and turn to those present and future. As members of the world stage, find something wonderful about your fair nation or don’t be surprised when others are as critical or more so. If they see us as separated from their god, show them that we have a faith that is strong, and demonstrate that by simple acts of compassion. Let’s show the gifts of freedom that are creative rather than destructive. With the Neptune–Saturn dance, what we do in our daily lives and our faith in our nation may be the turning point. It shouldn’t require another attack for us to appreciate what we were given by the hard work and courage of our forefathers. People want to come here for what we have come to take for granted; I ask each of you to count your simple blessings and try to turn the energy around now.

Pluto opposes Mars in the USA chart: The nation has faced its mortality. The Pluto transit has been long and slow. As Pluto leaves a transit behind there is a process of awakening. Mars is the war planet, but he is also the planet of action and entrepreneurship. Daring and courageous, Mars is the soldier and the wildcatter and the physical male. On some level the Male energy of the nation has come under attack.

Quick-witted Mars blurts out the truth as he sees it. Mars can be aggressive when cornered—he isn’t afraid of a conflict. We seem to be more afraid of words than real adversaries. We are afraid our children will be criticized and afraid of competition. This is part of the Pluto to Mars awakening too. It’s not all the obvious war. The best of Mars is seen. Just to be cautious, the New Moon in December on the 20th triggers the US chart too. We may be deluged with real and imaginary fears. It’s up to each of us to sort through until we can differentiate. We are also faced with our self-loathing. Look all around: we blame our leaders for every real and imagined failure. How can we expect the world to like us when we compete to find the most wild conspiracy theories and throw reason to the wind?

Pluto slowly pulls away from its opposition to Mars, the warrior planet in the US chart. The final station of Pluto in early September was accompanied by threats from the Pres. of Iran. The final pass, where we are now, is often accompanied by release and relief from the fear and the stress. We should see some way out of the fierce angry stance by Iran’s President this fall. This may also lessen some of the political polarity. Miracles do happen if our hearts are willing. Sometimes when the fear is strong enough, then we pull together. Can you find something good? If not, why have you invested so much of your energy in criticism and so little in creation?

Jupiter Square Saturn: Determined folks will get a lot done; if you aren’t determined, then you’ll just loat along. Jupiter is the planet of manifestation to luck and optimism. Saturn is the practical curmudgeon. Saturn dampens the excitement of Jupiter and sends him back to the drawing board before he gives his blessing. The good news: ideas that make it out of the planning stage and into reality during this period will last. Just when you think that your Jupiter luck is more a Dixie cup than a golden chalice, you realize that Saturn is giving something that will last. For all of you with planets in Libra, Jupiter spends October giving you his best. He may have to prove himself to the task-master Saturn, but he gets lots of help from Mercury, the business planet, Mars, the activist, the Sun or life force and finally, Venus, the planet of love and money. You do get help with your project, but they bring distractions, too. Better get your time organized so you can enjoy the party…it’s coming, though Jupiter pulls away in November to bless another group. Folks with personal planets in Vedic Libra enjoy the party all through November. This is a great time for true love or just a romantic ling. At least you’ll want to spiff up and look around to see who might be looking back at ya’.

Magical New Moons: The New Moon is always a time to start something. It weds the passion of the Sun and the emotion of the Moon so we can dive in and charge ahead. On October 22nd Venus and Mars lank the union of the Sun and Moon. They are in a tight union and cover less than 2 degrees of the 360 degrees circle of the zodiac belt. They all fall in the mansion Chitra. Chitra holds the fixed star Spica and is associated with the harvest and good fortune. Venus is very strong there so love is in the air and Mars brings passion to that mixture. If you happen to have a personal planet from 3-5 degrees of Libra in your Vedic chart, you’ll feel this intensely. Remember, a personal planet is one that can be seen without a telescope. Most of us will feel it in the air.

These planets are not alone. Jupiter is still in Libra and on this new Moon the luck planet is joined by Mercury, the analytical or business planet. Great ideas will be born at this time. Venus catches Mars just after the October New Moon. The goddess of love catches her man and she is strong. This is good for romance and helpful in mediation.

Expect some surprise help for world discord in October. The New Moon is great for cleaning up hurt feelings and animosity. Replace separation with passionate, shared commerce. Invest in each other…what have we got to lose? The New Moon energy is in the air until the next one in November. If you don’t have any planets in Libra or Scorpio, don’t feel left out. Aries and Taurus find the joy tossed to them as well. If you have any personal planets in Aries, then October is great fun. If you have any personal planets in Taurus between 0 and 15 degrees, then the holiday season is your time to shine.

The November 20th New Moon is another gathering of planets with Jupiter: Here, the Sun, Moon and Venus come together in Vedic Scorpio. If you have a planet from 0 to 10 degrees Scorpio you are unusually passionate and playful. The light-hearted romantic planets come first; then in December Mars joins them. He and Jupiter could just jump into something serious during the holidays. This is great for romance and fabulous for a new business or hobby.

Mercury turns retrograde on October 28th and direct on November 17th. We could use a little mental distraction and relaxation. Mercury goes direct and things flow more easily just in time for the holidays. If you fall off of your to-do list, you’ll have plenty of mental concentration to catch up at the last minute. If you have any personal planets in Taurus, then you’ll get a boost, too.

The December new Moon on the 20th is a little different. The Sun and Moon are in a more tumultuous place in the heavens. They join Pluto near the center of the Milky Way a.k.a. “the Galactic Center”. This is where mental turmoil, fears and compulsive thinking are rampant. If you have a planet between 0 and 6 degrees of Sagittarius, then practice conscious detachment. Better yet, focus your attention on the precious things in nature and in the people in your life. There may be a scare around this time. It’s up to each of us to focus our attention on the good stuff but be alert to things that simply don’t fit. Mars and Jupiter are still aligned, which might indicate boasting, but it’s not a time to ignore a threat.

How the love grows: Venus chases Mars in early October, but she catches him just as the New Moon fades. This time is notoriously good for love and romance. If you have a personal planet in Virgo or Libra in your Vedic chart, chances are you are in the mood. This is also good for business, particularly in October: Time to get the ideas down on paper or even better, get things rolling. If this sounds good for the holidays you are right: Time to spruce up and celebrate life.

Names in the News

GWB has one last, long Saturn transit weighing upon him. Saturn crosses Venus, the planet of Love, in October. Venus rules his house of home, family, mother: It also governs the house of “groups of people.” Not surprisingly, he may not feel the love from a group, but he might also feel the vulnerability of age of one or both of his parents. This transit moves slowly back and forth for 9 months. It sensitizes him to many things and many people. W begins to receive very positive transits in November and these will continue for a full year. I don’t see anything that looks like impeachment or law suits. However, I do see a heavy heart.

Condoleezza Rice returns to the news in October and may be making news. Expect to see her praised or honored. She can feel the good stuff, and others can see you favorably.

Iran: the President of Iran continues to shout to the world and demand the right to enrich uranium and the need to destroy Israel. He has a very volatile chart. I did learn that he is not technically in charge of that decision for Iran. He may inflame and may push Iran back in time, but the Ayatollah Khamenei has power over him. Fortunately, he has a very patient chart. I don’t know what this means for the world, but it is somewhat comforting for the present. Iran has more than 55% of its population under the age of 20. With youth, there is hope for change in the midst of madness.

Hilary Clinton gets a big boost from Jupiter just in time for the senatorial race. The bad press and negative polls of August roll off her.

Barak Obama isn’t running for the Democratic nomination, but he should be. The man is radiant, lively, passionate and astute. I believe he will be the first Black president. Aspects would be really good in November 2008. There is a long line of contenders before him.

Texas Governor Race: The big debate is October 6. Chris Bell, the Democrat, who has gotten the least amount of publicity has the best transits in October and November. He won’t slip quietly into the dim shadows of the race and should be interesting to hear in the debate. Kinky Friedman got tons of publicity and will be lively that night as well. The other two will probably be a little wooden but definitely worth listening to.

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at or see

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About Cynthia Novak

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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