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Cynthia NovakHere we are, living out the final months of the first decade of the first century in a millennium. The greatest gift and the trickiest part of being human is being aware that time is moving and that the future will hold great gifts and joys, as well as bring sorrow and challenges. Learn to live in the present time and to embrace the joys and gifts of this moment, while understanding that each breath is a gift, which one day will end for us all. In short: think ahead and make plans, while refining the art of living in the moment. As we move through the final months of this year, we are the people who will share our beliefs, our faith and, yes, the history of our folly with generations to come. The task of enjoying your life is to simply live it as you take measured precautions and make investments for the future. Risk what you can and celebrate what you have. Live for now and prepare for the future.

As we begin October, Mars, the action planet, moves into a lunar mansion called Pushya. This is good for getting things done. The trick is to take decisive action, with a purpose in mind. If you aren’t sure where you want to be next summer, then take things very slowly. This fall it’s very easy to react rather than to be exact and that can lead any or many of us astray this season. You see, Mars loves to dive into something. He is in the constellation Cancer, which is very interested in taking care of the home or nest. It’s good at making money and spending it. We, the People of the United States, live in a 2-party Democracy. There is currently a majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate and there is a Democrat who is President. The Mars push (yes, Pushya is a pushy lunar mansion) to get something done may lead to folly. It is imperative that we set aside our emotions and get the facts. It is essential to the Obama Presidency that he be patient and take the time needed to build lasting change. Unfortunately, the transits reveal impatience in many if not all of us, so the rush to enact is met with a rush to reach and could lead to no action at all.

This is not only true in Washington, DC, but it is also true for you and me. We all have things we started and tried to get going earlier this year. Now is the time to review the plan, take whatever time is necessary to build a solid foundation, then do what is needed to get it going. Slow planning and consideration are important. Why? Because you’ll probably get what you want, however, you’ll need to determine if what you want now will still be desired next summer. Saturn pulls ahead of Uranus, which is great for economic action, but they’ll face off again in the spring and what is built on faulty foundation now could come down quickly then. So don’t stretch to buy what you can’t afford. Lay out your plans carefully and listen to the voice of the past, as well as your excitement for the future. This Autumn is not only about bringing things to an end, but about setting a foundation for the future.

Saturn is now in the beginning of the constellation Virgo, where he’ll be for 2 years. He offers his cautious wisdom from decades of experience, but it lands on ears too busy to listen. He tries to point to caution, but most are tuned into their own thoughts and are busy texting and updating their blogs. Saturn is a heavy weight. No one wants to hear his call to invest and build slowly.

How the Money Flows: I expect the economy will show strong signs of recovery, but expect the Credit Card companies to play with their new “regulations” so keep an eye on your statement. I would not be surprised if the $8,000 tax incentive to new homebuyers was extended. Expect business momentum to pick up this fall as well. But can we trust it long term? I don’t know, but do expect a little boom this fall. The Market continues to be volatile, but is coming up as we end the year. Oil and gas prices are rising, too, so expect more drilling here as this year ends. This is the season voted most likely to seduce you with the latest beanie-baby investment. It will be most successful for folks who sell with some gain rather than holding out for the greatest profit. It is volatile, emotional and exciting, and filled with marches, protests and motivated, passionate leaders in all walks of life. It is an exciting time to be alive, but not the most cautious.

Where the Love Grows: It grows cautiously in October as we weigh the risk and desire. It grows more easily in November as we find joy in simple activities that bring joy to daily life. It grows deeply in December as we reach for someone to share family time with: Someone who knows what we like or is willing to learn. It is a strong season to deepen your relationship or to seek one that has plenty of potential to run deep.

Iran continues to be a place of political unrest. Their people reach out to the West and there is a response. It may not be public, but we may hear the details later. There are defectors coming out with stories to tell that are compelling to Western leaders and people. For now, Iran is tightening down its control on its people. It is painful to watch and it may take years, but a revolution was begun with the last election. We are watching the first stages of the end of Iran’s current leadership.

October: On October 12th, Jupiter appears to stop in the heavens, then move forward. Jupiter is the guru, teacher, actor, lawyer and the planet of optimism. He appears to stop in the heavens in the lunar mansion Shravana, which is very good at study, learning and listening. We all strain to sort through the noise called “news” and many are compelled to act or react with passion. This is a fabulous time to go back to that good idea you had, but never got around to. It is time to get going and although our optimism may be faulty, it gets us off the couch and out of the void.

Mars is irritable and aggressive from October through May. Be aware when you travel, but most of all be aware of your own temperament. This is a time when despots like to strut their power in the world. The more isolated, the more aggressive. The world’s leaders have their hands full–wish them success and wise guidance. Mars moves into Cancer in your Vedic chart so notice where you are getting impatient. Although Mars gets couch potatoes moving, it often pushes us beyond endurance. Mars will remain within 30 degrees until the end of May 2010. Get used to it and practice patience. Mars is great for exercise and service. Hmm, does exercising patience count? You bet it does! I expect loads of small and large businesses to get going this season.

Mars with Ketu. October 4th-15th the planet of war joins Ketu, the point of karma (events that are destined, but would never be planned). This combination is intense. For some, this is a time of loss. There is nothing to do, but accept the loss, grieve and start again. You were born with the strength to go on. Watch the world stage for signs of a conflict ending. Notice any political figure that rises to power as his nation struggles with economic crises. Be aware of our own desire to make some group the scapegoat of our economic fears. This general fearful state makes it difficult for the Democrats to push any legislation through. There are wary politicians on both sides. It is tempting for many to just jump in.

November: This is an important month to keep our eyes on the international stage. Powerful political figures come forward to help the nation. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Former President GWB and Senator John McCain are all in the news for the next 6 months. Something big is happening now. Iran and North Korea remain in the news as political power changes hands in both countries during the next 3-5 months. Money goes into defense projects. This is good for Texas and important for the US to hold its position in the world.

December: The planets bunch up briefly in mid-December. Turn back to February 2009 to see what we’ll be talking about at the end of the year. Yes, economic news is varied. Money and spending are erratic. The shopping season isn’t a bust, but it’s not really great either. Sales remain a big motivator. Many new relationships happen in the fall and folks reunite, too. December is always a busy month. Investors take profits. Jupiter with Neptune and Chiron culminate on Dec. 21st. Looking back over 2009, Jupiter, the great guru or teacher, crossed Neptune, the planet of mystical insights and illusion. For some, a powerful religious experience pulled them together. Various groups ride fast on fear and count the signs that the end is coming. This is also true with the pandemic fears for Swine Flu. They are still around, however, as the year ends we notice that they were not manifested. Chiron, the wounded healer, also joined this dance. Healthcare’s wounds as a whole were brought center stage. We the People were and are reminded that we must be pro-active with our own health. It is an exciting time. As the year ends, and these planets pull apart, we are reminded that faith and optimism are potent tools for healing and health. By the way, gas and oil prices are rising and this is a trend for 2010. A lunar eclipse on December 31st (New Years Eve), makes this the perfect time to shed the old and embrace the new.

The Obama Administration: The powerful Jupiter station in October is at the front of President Obama’s chart. He starts to get his gravitas back. It looks as if international politics pulls him into action. It also appears that the House and Senate begin to develop another Healthcare legislation. Obama has loads of vitriolic opposition. By year’s end, Mars is in his 7th house of partnerships and open opposition; his close advisers and “partners” start making news. Expect more First-Lady-Enthusiasm and criticism. I expect changes in his cabinet early next year. The buzz of his opposition grows louder this fall and doesn’t quiet until next summer. These aspects may also signify international threats to him. At the least, he will have the opportunity to sit down with his opposition and decide if he truly can cooperate. Expect loads of news and interviews with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain. They offer the wisdom of age and experience, political insight and information to the President. The Mars action brings GWB back onto the national and world stage as the year ends. He and President Obama may become friends. I expect President Clinton, President Obama and both Presidents Bush to come together for a cause before next summer. I hope it’s a positive one.

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Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit


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About the Author: Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984 or visit .


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