US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most by Lisa Oz

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Relationships That MatterLisa Oz’s new book is a must read for any self-help junkie. In the book US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most, Lisa Oz discusses the connection between healthy minds and healthy relationships. Unlike many self-help books, which force an opinion on the reader, Oz unbiasedly guides the reader to understanding relationships. Right away, in the introduction, Oz makes a personal connection with the reader. She illustrates the significant effect variables such as body-image and self-perception have on a relationship. By understanding ourselves better, Oz states that we can experience better emotional and spiritual lives. This thought-provoking book is also easy to read because Oz weaves her own personal anecdotes throughout the book.

One of the most memorable sage piece of advice in US is “creative energy flows in the direction of focus, so you’ll get much better results and generate a positive shift in the relationship if you concentrate on making constructive change in your own life instead of dwelling on negative traits of your partner.”

Writing more as an enlightened friend than a haughty intellectual, Oz is able to sympathize with many common problems. Like most Americans, she has had to deal with marital strife, sudden change and societal pressures. Oz provides us with a new outlook on how we function as individuals. In sum, US is about how to see life in a new light and experience relationships thoughtfully. Her short bits of humor add a lighthearted feeling to the serious subject matter. Buy US on Amazon Kindle.


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