Holistic practitioners use a variety of alternative healing techniques without resorting to pharmaceutical drugs. These techniques support the body's own healing methods and include: acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, herbology, homeopathy, nutritional guidance, fasting, spiritual healing and energy healing.

Sandy Hanne, RMT, Reiki Master
Arapaho and Westshore
Richardson, TX
Can't afford Hawaii? Get vacation-quality relaxation while resolving even old and deep body issues, acute or chronic. Bring your biggest challenges, from TMJ, carpal tunnel, whiplash and migraines, to thyroid, female problems and fibromyalgia, injuries, etc. This gentle, warm, fully-clothed technique restores flow and balance, promotes healing, resets the nervous system, enhances flow of CSF, relieves cranial compressions implicated in many disorders, even releases emotional tissue memory from old traumas. Trained directly by Dr. John Upledger, Sandy needs only this versatile work to achieve favorable outcomes for most people. Lives transform in her office; let yours be one of them.
Aqua Chi Hands/Feet Hydrotherapy
Rosemary McCoy, RMT (ext. 1)
Linda Weisiger, RMT, MTI (ext. 6)
SE corner of Arapaho and Westshore
Richardson, TX
Water can relieve pain and soothe the body. Aqua Chi technology revolutionizes hydrotherapy by energizing water with healthful negative ions. During your hydrotherapy session, your cells receive bio-energy from the energized water, starting a whole-body releasing/balancing process.
Located in Borders Books
Arapaho and Coit - NW corner
Dallas, Texas
When: Daily 12 Noon until 9 p.m.
DE-STRESSING RECIPE: Come to Borders, sign up for session, sit in massage chair, take a deep breath, exhale, and enjoy. Stop by soon and unwind!
Dorothy E. Fischer, MBA
RELEASE negative blockages and patterns, including: procrastination, perfectionism, worry, depression, codependency, addictions, chronic stress. This gentle, effective technology creates fast bottom-line results. Phone sessions available.
Nancy Byers
Nancy's Language of Light cellular healing sessions have helped people to overcome their fears, to alleviate depression, to relieve or diminish physical pain and to realize their dreams. While expressing the Language of Light, Nancy is able to "catch" the sound current and to "tune into" the frequency of your soul, like a radio. This provides a sound carrier wave for your intention to manifest. Nancy is also available for ceremonies and groups. Call today and begin living your dreams!
Jo Solem
Certified Healing Councilor, Teacher & Independent EMC2 Facilitator
They Call Some Things "Incurable" The Truth is...YOU CAN HEAL ANYTHING. Learn how Miraculous Healing Begins as demonstrated by the Technology of Quantum Consciousness. Both Group & Private PRESENTATIONS & WORKSHOPS are available upon request.
Life Changes Unlimited
Ann DeRulle, Certified Practitioner
17735 Windflower Way #108
Dallas, TX 75252
Not experiencing the happiness, wellness, relationships, success or prosperity you want? Enjoy more of the life you want through Life Changes Unlimited's exclusive and leading-edge QUANTUM SOLUTIONS process. Plus, hazardous energies likely in your home and office can be detected and upgraded to benefit all areas of your life. Life-changing demonstrations, economical growthshops, private consultations and phone or remote distance options offered. See Events/Classifieds.
Shiatsu Therapy
Angie Shapira , Senior Shiatsu Therapist
West Plano
Constant back pain? Tight neck and shoulders? Stress? Shiatsu can help you cope with these problems, with pain, fatigue and generally improve your wellness by bringing your body back in balance. This Japanese acupressure is founded upon the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. See Holistic Forum.
Somatic Practitioner
Linda Weisiger , RMT, MTI, Reiki Master
SE corner of Arapaho and Westshore
Richardson, TX
972-479-0690 Ext. 6
Offering therapeutic massage specializing in Deep Tissue, Reiki, Healing Touch, Sound Wave Therapy, Psycho/Physical Re-education, Neurovascular Balancing, Aqua Chi Hands/Feet Hydrotherapy. Corporate Chair Massage Coordination available.