Naturopathy promotes health rather than confronting disease. It consists of several systems of diagnosis and treatments such as nutritional counseling, iridology, and herbal medicine. Naturopathic physicians are trained in the use of a wide variety of natural therapeutics often not resorting to the use of pharmaceutical drugs. They combine treatments based on the needs of the individual and they allow the patient to be a participant in the treatment.

AAMA Board Certified #66502306
Bodhi Tree Center
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Naturopath (Australia), Herbalist - Nutritionist - Iridologist - Debra obtained her degree in Australia, a country renowned for holistic medicine. True healing always involves addressing the cause, giving your body the opportunity to heal itself, and addressing all levels of imbalance. Naturopathy can assist with weight loss, skin ailments, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance, candida, thyroid malfunction, arthritis, allergies, PMS, menopause, and much more. Call to learn more about our two weekly workshops "Moms Matter Too" and "Healthy Living". Visit our website at www.debraharrigan.com and see display for Bodhi Tree Center for details.